Coronavirus – My Amended Business Practices

personal stylist sydney

Obviously your health (and mine) is my upmost priority so here’s the changes I’ve made to my business practices during Covid-19 to keep us both safe, healthy and happy.

Government has advised 70% vaccination rate will be met on

11th October 2021 so I’m taking bookings!

For fully vaccinated clients only. Non vaccinated clients can book in from 1st December onwards

I would need you to confirm that you/your household haven’t visited any NSW Government hotspot in the last 14 days and I would only visit your home if your area has no cases based on the NSW government locations map

Home Visits :

When I come to your home for styling session, I’m practicing safe hygiene:

  • Washing hands on entry
  • Disinfecting my equipment between clients
  • Getting tested at the first sign of a sniffle
  • Limiting prolonged close contact with clients
  • Wearing a face mask

Sydney Personal Shopper :

As a Professional Personal Shopper, I’m lucky enough to be able to use the private personal styling suites at David Jones in the CBD, if appropriate.

This means you won’t be wandering around the shops because I do a pre-shop for you, handpicking your clothes before you arrive. You will have a large changing room all to yourself, without the need to queue when you’re ready to purchase.

This minimizes any contact with any other person beside myself.

What ever store we visit, every brand has:

  • Hand sanitizer on arrival/exit
  • Strict entrance & exit policy
  • Clear maximum number of shoppers allowed in store at one time
  • Limiting fitting rooms to allow empty rooms either side
  • Getting tested at the first sign of a sniffle
  • Wearing a face mask

Because we generally shop in the morning, there’s minimal people around anyway (often including a lack of staff in some stores! Ha)

When we conduct a session, we’re both agreeing to take personal responsibility for our own, and each others, well being

If you feel unwell or showing any signs of covid, please contact me to postpone or to chat about any other concerns