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Business Attire For Women

I’ve witnessed first-hand how enhancing office wear for women amplifies confidence – and therefore performance

Personal branding is one of the most valuable things your staff own because how they choose to present themselves affects not only their career success, but how your business is judged.

Your staff are judged by external people within the blink of an eye based on their corporate clothing. First impression count because they last and if your employees look professional and polished, then that’s the lens your business is viewed through too

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Office Wear For Women

During covid we lived and work inside, in tracksuits, in pyjamas for months on end, the pandemic completely changed the way we dress, forever. Returning to the office post covid has been challenging for staff wellbeing in more ways than we expected


“Overwhelming amounts of clients have contacted me because of the anxiety caused by the recent relaxing of dress code in many office spaces”


Companies instigating “dress for your day’ was meant to help employees take the initiative with their personal branding, when in fact it’s confused and perplexed most staff

We know that we’re most productive when we’re happy, but we all need a gentle reminder about how to dress appropriately in the work place so I give the gift of confidence & clarity


Professional Image Consultant

I’m a Sydney professional image consultant who can reduce stress, frustration and anxiety by delivering practical style solutions to office wear problems. Let me show you how using 6 case studies



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I was given the honor of speaking at Salesforce ‘Enterprise Business Ladies Luncheon’ for women in leadership hosted by Kylie Kelly, with executives from Fairfax Media, Domain, Channel 9, Channel 7 and Optus


business attire for women


Image Consultant Specialist

B2B : I demonstrated how my personal styling business enhances staffs’ personal branding to better represent their role AND the company they work for

B2C : How my services reduce the amount of decisions these busy women make every week, literally giving them back hours in their day

I felt equally as inspired getting to chat to (and laugh with) such an impressive group of female leaders


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Personal Shopper : Corporate Clothing

An intimate personal shopping event at the award-winning law firm HSF, presenting a hand picked capsule wardrobe to female executives from leading blue chip companies


Outfitting Office Attire For Women

I excited my audience of female executives with this affordable (prices range from $40 – $450) and interesting 16 piece capsule wardrobe full of stripes, florals and colour, that mix & match’s effortlessly!! (no boring black & white here!!)

I explained the features and benefits of the fabrics, silhouettes etc. and how they flatter your body type to educate employees to shop smarter and elevate their personal branding

As a creative fashion stylist, I think outside the box to create unique, stylish business attire for women. Guess how many corporate outfits I created?




Wear these 100 outfits x 3 times a year = 1 year of office outfits!!


Read more about my expert wardrobe consultant / Wardrobe Makeover service


Exclusive Corporate Style Guide

We problem-solved any work wear dilemma with a few champagne-fulled laughs along the way, topped off with an indulgent goodie bag containing a bespoke style booklet that I created exclusively for the event!!

This corporate style guide is the difference between ‘getting dressed’, and looking ‘well dressed’


 1:1 Client Makeovers

I’ve relished working with some of these women during 1:1 work shopping and this was the feedback after one client underwent the Full Makeover :

“ Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for such a great service! I feel on-trend, beautiful and stylish! “
Group General Counsel. C.B


Contact me to discuss YOUR business and how I can design a style workshop to fulfill your corporate dress needs


business attire for women



WSP, one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms in Sydney CBD invited me to inspire their staff

In a world advancing at the quickest rate in history, I de-code outdated fashion rules whilst delivered strategy-rich fashion insight to show male & female employees how to create ‘business casual’ looks


Evolving business expectations, means evolving your ‘office uniform’ because no-one wants to look like they’re being left behind


It’s simple when you know how, thanks for the invite WSP!




business attire for women



I hosted 2 online sessions to 50 people of mixed gender to create awareness of how the way one dresses can contribute to success and reduce clothes wastage

I demonstrated that by understanding your personal colour palette & body shape better, it leads to a stronger identity AND becomes more sustainable because you buy only what flatters you, which outfits more easily because all shades have a common undertone!

I had discussed these two subjects separately but when ANZ approached me about combining them, it was the perfect fit because this is what I teach my clients – daily


Hi Kim,

Thanks for a fantastic session today ! We had such good attendance and you held the audience’s attention till the very end. Loved it !!

Look forward to the next one 😊



ANZ Director – CX Services




Corporate stylist


Luxury French cosmetics brand Sisley enlisted my colour expert skills to analyse their VIP clients in store at David Jones. 


I met clients for the first time, assigned them their colour season, then discussed the most flattering make-up shades and application for each individual


Such a fun and rewarding day! Check out my Instagram for more videos





I hosted an online session for client facing executives on how to balance ‘business-casual’ outfits.

We investigated 3 areas, Personal Brand, Capsule Wardrobe & Business Casual for both men and women with the underlying question being “can I wear sneakers with that?”

I selected images to show staff members what contemporary ‘business-casual’ looks like, including images of what “casual-casual’ looked like so they could decode the nuances of how to navigate this new, often contradictory, outfit formula!








business attire for women


An exclusive evening to redefine what post covid office wear for women now looks like, introducing more relaxed corporate clothing, more colour and more softness

Created a goodie bag full of neckline cheatsheets, a lipstick that flatters all colourings plus clever fashion devices to help convert our underwear to suit the latest fashion looks!


business attire for women




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Whilst living in the Middle East, I partnered with a groundbreaking recruitment agency Mums@Work (part of the Mackenzie Jones Group) advocating for changes in law allowing part time contracts to encourage women back in to the workplace

The skills these talented females held were sort after, yet they were unable to commit to full time hours so changes were needed to benefit both the employer AND employees

I created guidelines around corporate clothing for interviews for women depending on their market sector, click here to see visuals


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