Group Fashion Styling Events

Together, we’ll co-host a fun and informative styling afternoon for your nearest and dearest!

fashion stylist Sydney

Fashion Stylist Events

Here’s a few ideas of previous fashion stylist events, but I embrace any new suggestions as I’ll say it again – MY PERSONAL STYLING SERVICES ARE DESIGNED BY YOU! 

You provide the nibbles (& bubbles if you fancy) and I’ll provide the fashion expertise!


fashion stylist Sydney


Sydney Stylist : Fashion With Friends

What’s better than bringing together your girlfriends and talking all things fashion?

It’s a great way to connect with like minded females who probably share similar struggles with how to dress

We can:

  • Encourage open conversations about anything fashion related
  • Insider fashion tips from an industry expert with 20 years global experience
  • Use TV screen for presentations, before & afters etc
  • Outline how my services can solve your fashion problems
  • Style advice on how to flatter your BODY TYPES and COLOURINGS
  • Each bring 1 clothes style you struggle to wear that I suggest some innovative fashion tips for
  • Q&A session for general PERSONAL SHOPPER and dressing advice
  • Offer a 10% discount on any service booked

The only thing I don’t do is offer personallised 1:1 makeover advice during these group sessions


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Sydney Stylist : Skincare & Styling

If you’d like to learn more about skincare too and how this compliments your fashion choices, we can evolve this in to a Skincare & Styling session with a choice of beauty expert!


fashion stylist Sydney


” After attending a fabulous ‘Styling and Skincare’ afternoon I finally took the plunge
I have to say, I was amazed!
Not even a week later I am experimenting with my outfits and having a whole lot of fun doing it!
I honestly could not recommend Kim more highly!

– Kelly Dean Willcocks


Sydney Stylist : Clothes Swap Party

The perfect way to give new life to clothes that no longer fit, or that you’ve tired of and encouraging sustainable fashion is one of my core business values!

If your friends have different size bodies, then focus on accessories?

Bringing happiness to another person with some fresh new clothes is exactly the cycle of fashion we should be encouraging.

fashion stylist Sydney(This client is undergoing house renovations, hence the flooring & curtains!)


Get in touch and let’s chat about an event that can bring people together to share some fashion insight that every woman should know!