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Meet your best colours and the real you…


I’ve been inundated by the resurgence in interest of the 4×4 Seasonal Colour Wheel!


Colour Consultant Sydney

My personal Colour Consultant makeover is fast becoming my most popular service because when a client starts to wear clothes & accessories from their flattering palette, their friends see the difference immediately and want their colours matched too!

So to enable those of you who don’t live in Sydney, or would prefer to enjoy this from the comfort of your own home, I’ve designed an Online Colour Matching Party and you’re invited…


100% of clients surveyed said they feel more confident shopping after this session!


Why My Colour Consultant Service Is Unique

What’s unique about me as a colour stylist is that I blend the science from the 4×4 Seasonal Colour Wheel + real life fashion


My 23 Years Fashion Design Experience

Because I’ve been working as a global fashion designer for 15 years before I learnt this science, I’ve updated this 80’s Seasonal Colour Wheel to make it relevant for the way we shop and dress today.  Without the addition of a whole other level of colour I add in to this system that I used to rely on as a fashion designer, you’ll struggle to use your 80’s palette because the way we dress today is VERY different from 40 years ago – and the science needs to be modernised!


Shop With Swatches, Shop With a Strategy

The other problem with the traditional 4×4 Seasonal Colour Wheel is that it doesn’t explain how to put your palette ON your body or how to shop your palette, so I’ll introduce you to my UNIQUE ‘Cake & Icing’ colour system to make shopping & outfitting a breeze – that no one else knows!

It’s a simple, effective strategy and works on every person






How Your Digital Colour Makeover Works

Working in small groups accompanied by like minded people, learn how to choose relevant fashions styles that work WITH your features rather than against them and how to build these items in to outfits = your perfect capsule wardrobe


How I Can Offer Online Colour Consults

Because I’ve studied this 4×4 colour system for almost a decade, combined with seeing over 650 clients, I now have the skills and experience to host online colour consults. I’ve also generated a huge back-catalogue of clients photos to cross-reference! Click for more!




1.5hr Group Online Colour Consultant

  • Understand the fundamentals of colour science and the 4×4 Seasonal Colour Wheel
  • Clarify where you sit on the colour wheel and WHY, learning your key characteristics that shapes ALL your decisions going forward
  • Be shown what hues, jewellery & accessories shades to wear
  • How to pivot certain shades you currently wear to more flattering versions
  • Learn my UNIQUE ‘Cake & Icing’ colour system to make shopping & outfitting a breeze – that no one else knows!
  • Stop wearing black+colour, learn to pair colour-with-colour and unlearn when you think you know about black
  • Understand how to create more outfits from less clothes and be more sustainable in your shopping approach
  • Stop making expensive fashion mistakes that aren’t mean for your features & start liking what you see in the mirror


We will be discussing your individual facial features in a group forum so if you don’t feel comfortable, then please book an individual session here


As a personal stylist, I’ll explain how to ignore all that ‘noise’ when shopping to empower you to make better buying decisions, forever! #buylesschoosewell



Delighted clients after the last Colour Party! (click to enlarge) or check out the 150 other StyleSense 5* Google reviews:


online colour consultant


They’ll be a little homework to complete first, including requesting different photos of you in bright, natural light


Online Colour Matching Follow-up Pack:

  • 4 season overview so you can appreciate the difference in personality/temperature of each season
  • Colour Psychology visual
  • 2 x visuals to show how to combine shades to create either an impactful or effortless look
  • 2 x Top Fashion Tips to help you 1/. shop smarter & 2/. care for your clothes, that every person should know
  • Pinterest board to illustrate your particular season
  • BONUS : 1 x in-depth personalised colour summary explaining your season, best metals, what hues to avoid etc WORTH $60!!


10% exclusive discount if you would like 1. your bespoke fabric swatch wallet created or 2. an individual on-line follow-up




  • Prices include GST
  • $100 deposit requested to secure your spot
  • Average group size of 5-7 people approx.
  • Bespoke hand made fabric swatch wallet $230 inc postage
  • Discount on any online follow-up $80 – 20% = $64 per half hour
  • Group session dates, please advise your 1st & 2nd preferences and I will confirm dates (other slots will be available throughout the year)



Why not grab your bestie, your mum, dad, sister or brother to benefit too and understand how similar, yet different, you are from each other!

Date Options:

FRIDAY 18th August 3:45pm-5:15pm


Or get in touch for specific dates/groups enquiries

(please specify your 1st & 2nd preference and I’ll be in touch to confirm date)