Personal Shopper : Pregnancy Wardrobe

Don’t waste money on frumpy maternity garments that offer such a limited range, I can find you fashionable clothes you will want to wear and feel good in.

I will take you to non-maternity (& selected maternity) stores and help pick out styles that flatter your lifestyle, budget and growing bump, whilst remaining stylish yet comfortable.

I will email you a summary, guiding you through each semester as each one brings their own challenges and provide tips & tricks to keep you looking – and feeling – your best.

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personal shopper

” And she’s just so kind and lovely on top of being an incredible stylist. I couldn’t recommend her more highly! ” – Janine Miller



You will learn valuable style tips throughout my image consultant service as I focused on teaching you the theory of what suits you and why, rather than just telling you how to dress.

My Pregnancy Personal Shopper Follow-up

  • Photographic ‘look book’ showing your new outfits, a quick-guide to reference every morning so you’ll no longer struggle with what to wear
  • A pregnancy style guide broken down in to semesters to understand how to dress your growing bump
  • My pregnancy pinterest board for inspiration on stylish outfits
  • An essential cheat sheet on how to flatter every body type
  • A guide to accessorising including examples from an exclusive photoshoot
  • Effortless ways to re-style your occasion dresses for the work place using my simple ‘wardrobe hierarchy’ formula
  • A must-see visual showing how to look contemporary for seasons to come, rather than slavishly following fashion trends
  • List of ‘Top Fashion Tips’ to help you 1. shop smarter & 2. care for your clothes, that every person should know


  • $220 for a 2 hour session (additional time charged at $50 per half hour)
  • $50 cancellation fee applies


Maternity Fashion

Click here for my Pinterest board showing stylish maternity fashion, new brands to shop/rent from, as well as inspiration on how to wear your current favorites to accommodate a growing baby bump.

And if you plan to breast feed, then you’d benefit from reading my blog about this fantastic multi-tasker of a top – and it’s not from a daggy maternity store!

Mummy Makeover

Once you become a mum, you would benefit from my PERSONAL ANALYSIS & WARDROBE MAKEOVER service. As well as a massive lifestyle change, our figures can change post-partum too and re-identifying our new body shape makes dressing it a whole lot easier.

If you need fashion advice to help dress for your new role of ‘mum’, then this is my specialty! I teach you practical, easy style tips to elevate your mum uniform from mumsy to stylish, all within your budget. Click here to find out more.


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