Personal Shopper + Wardrobe Outfitter Package Discount

Following your PERSONAL SHOP, if you would like me to come to your home to create and photograph ALL your new outfit combinations, I offer a discount on the Wardrobe Outfitting session!!

Personal Shopper Sydney


This linked service is perfect for existing clients needing a seasonal update, or for a new clients who don’t need the PERSONAL ANALYSIS & WARDROBE MAKEOVER first.


” The entire process of shopping for clothes now is just so much smoother, not only in knowing what to avoid but what works well and WHY.


For a busy professional, this should be your FIRST STEP. The difference has been hugely worth it ” – Chris Hanrahan


I generate your very own ‘look-book’ so all you have to do every morning is flick through your outfit catalogue to decide what to wear!

Creating NEW outfits from:



This is the ideal way to optimise your closet and breath new life in to older purchases you may have grown tired of.

It also gives you more head space for all the other things in life, knowing your wardrobe is taken care of!

So if you feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of trying to pair together new & old, then book in this linked service!

The last thing we want is for your older clothes to stay hanging in your closet unworn just because you have some newness, or for your new purchases to sit unworn with tags still on!

The magic really happens when we combine EVERYTHING so you see how far your money has gone!


” The shopping trip together was INSIGHTFUL and Kim had such a positive energy and eye for colours and styles that go together. I also haven’t needed to go shopping since then! Thank you Kim” – Lindy Davie


  • Following your Personal Shop ($85 per/hr) I offer a discount for the Wardrobe Outfitting Session from $85 per hour to $75.  Not applicable in conjunction with my Loyalty Program, we would simply use the lowest rate from the two
  • 3hr minimum total for the linked services
  • Travel charges may apply for the home visit 10-19km=$25 / 20-29km=$30 / 30-39km=$35 / 40km+ =$40+ tbc


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