Julia Neyland

"A few months after the birth of my first child, when I was ready to face the world again. Not only did i have a completely new body shape, but a minimal budget due to the lack of salary for 1 year. Therefore Kim had to work with my existing wardrobe which felt outdated and unfashionable to me. I was amazed at the number of new looks she could achieve for me from my existing wardrobe – even items of clothing i’d discarded long ago were making a reappearance in new ways! She taught me how to flatter my new body shape and even made me look on-trend! I thoroughly recommend Kim, throughout the entire process she was a true professional and worth every cent."

Sam Barron

"Returning to work after my first child, I needed a wardrobe revamp, on trend guidance on flattering clothes shape and colour. With a child in tow, I also had limited time to shop for clothes for myself. The colour session was enlightening and the shopping session was a breeze with Kim to guide me and pick out clothes I would never have considered myself! During the last year, I've been wearing all my old and new outfits that she helped me pull together. Until then, I had never received compliments about my dress or style - this last year has been a huge boost to me personally! In March I needed the 'same again’. Shopping session 2 was even more successful as Kim knew me and my existing wardrobe even better. She completely kitted me out for work, weekends & an occasion-outfit within a few easy hours of hitting the shops! I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do without her now she’s left Dubai? Come back Kim! "

Bianca Abbott

"Thanks so much for such a fun and productive day yesterday. I had a great time!! I’ve already dropped the blue & silver jacket in to be altered and I could see the transformation immediately it was pinned. Can’t wait to start wearing it - and the rest of my wardrobe you re-introduced me to!"

Gemma Hanrahan

"Thanks Kim – your extraordinary ability to 'teach me my style' and give me the confidence to run with it myself, has positively changed my wardrobe forever."