So, as a Sydney stylist where lower end brands have become as popular as the boutiques, I feel the need to redefine the word ‘BARGAIN’

Something’s not a bargain if it costs $20 and u wear it once:


It’s a bargain if u pay $200 for something you LOVE and wear it every fortnight for 2 years:


Now that’s a proper bargain.

A more expensive fashion purchase is easier to justify if it’s versatile, fits your lifestyle and you know you’ll wear that clothes style on high rotation.

Style tip sale shopping

Be Your Own Personal Shopper

If you can’t bring me with your for a PERSONAL SHOPPER experience then think about this when you shop in the sales, DON’T be seduced by a low price (or a bad fashion trend), your clothing choice still needs to be something you love and brings value to your wardrobe.

I just purchased a $5 sweater which I absolutely would have bought full price as I know I will enjoy wearing it as it’s true to my personal style.

Also consider where you will store it? Some clients have a ‘1-in-1-out’ wardrobe planner policy which is effective when limited for space, which is usually the case in Sydney!

It’s easy to ‘consume’ during sale time, buying impulsively which often means without satisfaction.

Take my advice, sales are the perfect time to buy that item you’ve had your eye on, now it’s become affordable, (and probably been sitting in your virtual on-line basket for weeks!). That’s a smart way to shop.

Buy less, choose well.


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