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The way we present ourselves is the quickest non-verbal form of communication there is – and it’s POWERFUL! 

Fashion is a language, what are YOU saying?

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Strangers judge us within the blink of an eye* based on the way we look so I’ve constructed my personal styling business around coaching clients on how to make the best of their 1-2 seconds, by building them an impressive personal brand.

As a personal stylist, I know that every single piece of clothing, jewellery, the way we wear our hair, even down to the shade of our nail varnish, has a connotation which other people then make assumptions about the ‘type’ of person we are. We judge people INSTANTLY and often unwilling

Your image has the ability to influence your professional success!

Once our fashion style is labelled as a certain ‘category’, it’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to be seen differently, hence why first impressions are VITAL – and no more so than in the workplace!!

Interview Fashion Style – Non-verbal Communication!

Studies have shown that 65% of hiring managers say that CLOTHES have been the deciding factor between 2 similar candidates**, so what we WEAR can in fact be more important that what we SAY in the workplace!

Corporate Styling Workshops

This is why I design and host a variety of corporate styling workshops and events for different businesses, depending on their needs

Stylish Business Attire For Women

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” Kim is amazing. She was one of my favorite discoveries of 2017. Kim helped me with a number of projects, one of which was refreshing my corporate wardrobe with a fun and surprisingly affordable shop. I love working with her and I constantly recommend her to others ” – Leah Fricke

Book in today and let’s start improving your personal brand!

Personal Branding Expectations

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Office wear for women is scrutinized particularly fiercely so let’s de-code fashion so YOU know what message your giving

Don’t you want to be remembered for the right reasons?

Employees should look:

  • Polished
  • Professional
  • Like you WANT to be at work (not at the beach)

But what does that look like?

Well, it differs for each business sector and therefore individual personal brands will differ too, also taking in to account the level you work at:-

  • Corporate
  • Semi-Corporate
  • Creative

I define personal branding as:


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What is “Business-Casual” Office Wear?

An astonishing amount – around 75% – of my working clients don’t know how to dress for the office because the term ‘business casual’ confuses them, particularly if their workplace has recently relaxed it’s dress code (which is the current trend), so we spend most of our personal styling session work-shopping what ‘smart casual’ looks like.

I offer a simple style formula for ‘business casual’ for everyone to use

personal branding corporate stylist

Nowadays, we don’t necessarily need the conventional corporate clothing seen a decade ago, instead we can mix & match smarter clothing to create office wear and I regularly see these pieces already IN Sydney wardrobes, they just haven’t been outfitted appropriately yet!

You might even own some fashion styles from the above images that you could re-style for work?

Creating an impressive personal brand doesn’t need to cost the earth!

What To Wear To Work

So whilst companies think they’re doing the right thing by changing the expectation of what’s acceptable corporate dress, it’s actually perplexing many of my clients as they no longer have a clear idea of what their office wear looks like.

There used to be a ‘uniform’ but now the fact that ‘smart casual’ can come in such a variation of guises, proves much more challenging to create.

In fact, lots of clients simply contact me with ‘HELP ME!’

  If this sounds like you, make a booking here

” I travel ALOT for work but don’t really know how to put together a ‘smart casual’ look or pack a professional looking capsule wardrobe. Since seeing Kim, I am so much more confident presenting to groups of 100 people knowing I look amazing! This process was LIFE CHANGING” – Trudy McGowan

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Office Wear for Women

Click for some inspiration for business attire for women that I created for the groundbreaking Mums@Work recruitment company. It includes guidelines around what types of job roles fall in to each of the 3 market sectors and where to purchase looks.

What To Wear To An Interview

Get The Interview Look

My Personal Shopper Insight

Need some more inspiration for business attire for women? Click here to see how the shade of butterscotch can add a chic and contemporary injection to your business clothes. Or here to see my pinterest board “Business Attire For Women” divided by business sector.

Corporate Clothing Conundrums!

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As an image consultant and personal shopper, I deliver practical style solutions to work wear problems – well, ALL style problems actually, not just business attire!

Personal Branding Client


That’s exactly what I advised Cassie, a client who won a FULL MAKEOVER I gave away for charity, when she briefed me that she wanted to elevate her personal brand for work.

Click here to learn about the 6 steps we took to improve Cassie’s personal brand

*source – Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

**source Nathan S. Gibson