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I’m Your Virtual Personal Stylist

Imagine if, without even leaving the comfort of your own bedroom, I could give you a style makeover? To be beside you coaching you through the ideal outfit combination for that important work presentation, your best friends wedding or help you understand why that pant doesn’t flatter you like the shop assistant told you it did?

Well now you can!

Online Image Consultant

I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in the fashion industry across 4 different countries so offering an online styling solution made perfect sense to me as a way of reaching all clients. Becoming a virtual fashion stylist meant I could transport myself in to their bedroom and give them a mini WARDROBE MAKEOVER !

We’ve all been there, spending hours deliberating about what to wear without making a decision and you just need the help of a professional, so now you can benefit from my broad global fashion experience regardless of where you live in the world.

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Online Personal Styling Services

This is how one aspect of my virtual fashion styling service works (click on the image to enlarge & read) :

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This is an example from a real-life virtual styling session I had with an existing client who lives in New Zealand. She had a few outfit choices for a birthday party that night but didn’t really feel right in any of them. She knew she wanted to wear her polkadot pantsuit but couldn’t quite get the other pieces to compliment it and needed a helping hand so we work-shopped using photos on her iphone until one felt right.

It shows that you don’t always need to go out and buy new things, often what we need is already in our closet but we might not have considered wearing all the pieces together.


Virtual Personal Shopper

Obviously we can apply the same above strategy when you’re out shopping at store. After creating your style profile you will book in a time with me so I can coach you through the pieces you are considering purchasing whilst in the fitting room. You simply send me clear photos from your iphone and we discuss, for example you might love the item but it might not fit perfectly so I might suggest a quick alteration to make it work for your BODY TYPE.

Not everyone enjoys clothes shopping like I do so why not take me on your shopping trip with you, guiding you in making the right style decisions?

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Online Fashion Stylist

My Online Outfitting Service is the second stage of my virtual styling packages for existing clients. It allows me to be your virtual personal shopper delivering exciting and relevant outfit ideas to you monthly without you even stepping foot inside a mall.

You can give me your brief, ie. focusing on non-corporate work wear or playground appropriate clothes you won’t feel frumpy in and i’ll send you through my suggestions that you can shop online (similar to the above).

This service is perfect for those clients who are short on time and inspiration as I do all the hard work for you!