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Wardrobe Makeover Sydney – Organising & Storage

Let’s face it, wardrobes in Sydney tend to be small, therefore everything needs to earn it’s place and generally most clients have to rotate seasonally due to lack of space. Read my Wardrobe Detox feature here.


wardrobe planner

Wardrobe Advice

During my wardrobe makeover services, I will give advice on organising, storage and hanging which means you will gain much more value from your belongings, as well as ensuring EVERY PIECE IS READY TO THROW ON AT A MOMENTS NOTICE and this is such a key factor when getting dressed every morning. Ask yourself:

1. Can I see it?

2. Is it ironed?

If the answer isn’t YES to both these questions, you simply won’t wear it!!

If you’re in need of some wardrobe organising inspiration and clever storage tips then take a look at my PINTEREST board here.


Wardrobe Consultant

It’s only when we go through your current wardrobe that your style gaps become clear and we can start re-organizing and planning your wardrobe. Often, Sydney clients that think they’re lacking items in one area when in fact it turns out it’s a different lifestyle area that needs help. You might think you don’t have the correct top to work with your new skirt purchase but on investigation, a couple of perfect tops are just hiding at the back of your closet!

Just because you’re bored of those styles or bought them for a particular event, doesn’t mean we can’t re-work them with your new skirt, as shown below. My client thought that a leather skirt was only for ‘going out’ so I showed her simple ways to style up this classic item to work for day time. Easy!

Most clients have that light bulb moment when they realise that nearly everything they need is actually right there is their wardrobe already!

The result is several fabulous new outfits without spending a penny more on clothes!!


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Professional Wardrobe Stylist

As a professional wardrobe stylist, I will approach your belongings with fresh eyes and turn your hum-drum pieces in to exciting clothes styles you will look forward to wearing again.

By employing a wardrobe planner to workshop with you at the beginning of every season, ensures that dressing every day for the next 6 months (and often well beyond a year) will become easy, enjoyable and effective.


Life’s easier when you plan your weekly meals, well wardrobe planning is another (more fun) version of that!


Below is a favorite top of a client who only wears neutrals (i’ve managed to get a few new shades in her closet since). She loved this print but didn’t know how to make it work all year round so I styled up for her to illustrate exactly how she could wear it during each different season. I still worked within her personal parameters of sticking with a more monochromatic pallet but added value to her purchase through accessorising and layering.

When I worked in the Middle East, the extreme hot weather meant that layering clothes rare unless I was packing for a clients overseas trip to a cooler country. The great thing about being a personal stylist in Sydney is that we do have a change in seasons which allows us more choice and interest with the outfits we can wear!


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The Benefits of A Wardrobe Planner

 A Wardrobe Planner:

> Removes decision fatigue every morning

> Avoids spending reactively & making bad purchases

> Saves money

> Encourages us to wear more of our wardrobe

> Gives us confidence we can look good every single day

> Makes our life easier!


We all need a bit of love and so does your wardrobe.

To discover how to look better and get the best out of your clothes, read these 8 fashion must have’s I have compiled ….and they’re not what you might think.!


My Personal Stylist Service

It’s a really worthwhile exercise to undergo the WARDROBE MAKEOVER session before the PERSONAL SHOPPER session so we understand exactly how your wardrobe can be improved, however, I do have numerous clients that use me for the PERSONAL SHOPPER service in isolation. The more I get to know you, your life-style and clothes-style, the more effective I am.

I have had a diverse Sydney client base, some of which only own 15 pieces in their wardrobe, right through to those who have 20 years worth of clothes stored across 4 huge rooms. Certain clients ask me to create them a new tightly focused capsule collection, whereas others like choice and to rotate almost everything seasonally.

I’ve had a brief from a female Russian client who’s only notes were ‘makea me looka notah Russian’ (to be said with a Russian accent obviously) and a blond middle-aged male client who wore dark suits, white shirts & red ties asked me to ‘de-Trump his corporate wear’.

Will 17 years experience of dressing people, I can deliver whatever wardrobe makeover service you need me to and my client diversity is something I embrace.

The biggest factor when planning your wardrobe is that the contents must match your LIFESTYLE and this is where a lot of people struggle.


Mummy Makeover Sydney

Take new mums for example, they might have a work wear wardrobe that no longer serves their new playground activities and this is where my stylist skills come in. I give creative style advice on how to make those old garments work for you using fashion tips or simple alterations. It gives your career wardrobe a mummy makeover!

Read my Mummy Makeover Sydney page here.