What I Don’t Do

persoanl shopper sydney

I know for some clients, seeing a personal stylist can be a little overwhelming, so I thought I’d make you feel more comfortable by telling you a little about what I don’t do…

During Your Wardrobe Makeover and/or Personal Analysis:

  • I don’t dictate to you, it’s a collaborative workshop that requires YOUR honest input to make it work
  • I don’t ask you to throw loads way (unless you really need to) instead I work with what you already have and optimize it in ways you haven’t yet thought possible
  • Don’t tell you you can ‘never’ where something
  • I don’t take the fun out of fashion – in fact the VERY opposite!
  • I don’t take it personally if you don’t like an outfit I’ve created for you, there’s others, lets play!
  • I don’t judge your wardrobe, trust me, it’s likely I’ll love your wardrobe more than you do and let me show you why
  • I won’t ignore your preferences & dislikes. Listening to you is one of my principle skills
  • Lie to you to make you feel better!
  • Put a ridiculously long shopping list together and expect you to buy it all in one go
  • Don’t expect you to get naked in front of me! You can use another room to dress in, no problem

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When Conducting A Colour Analysis:

  • I don’t tell to stop wearing shades that aren’t your most flattering – in fact I show you HOW to make these less flattering colours work better for you!!
  • I don’t encourage you to buy a whole new wardrobe in your most flattering shades, this is about evolving your closet over time
  • I don’t expect you to like all your shades in the same way so we chat about how to make the different colours work for YOUR personal style

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When Working As Your Personal Shopper:

personal shopper
  • I don’t dress you in the latest trends if they aren’t practical and relevant to YOUR lifestyle
  • I don’t take you to designer stores and expect you to remortgage your house to buy an overpriced frock, I actually SAVE you money
  • I don’t make you dress like me – but if there’s a few pieces I’ve tried and tested I believe would work for you then absolutely I’m going to show you them
  • I don’t pressure you to buy anything
  • I don’t put you in uncomfortable outfits, if it’s not nice to wear, undress and let’s go find something else
  • I don’t force you to buy from a particular brand, I work independently so if something’s not right, let’s move on
  • I don’t think you have a bottomless pit of money, I’m sale savvy as long as it’s the right product

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