StyleSense was born out of an obsession to help people feel better in their clothes 

I’ve worked with some of the most prestigious global fashion brands for over 20+ years across Sydney, London, New Zealand & Dubai. This provides an unparalleled fashion knowledge that enables me to optimise what you already own through greater creative styling and less over consumption

Proudly Called Fashion’s “Triple Threat”:


After graduation from London College of Fashion, I spent 15 years working as a global fashion designer for high profile brands including H&M, Marks & Spencer, Nordstrom, City Chic, Myer & David Lawrence, as well as leading e-tailer, ASOS.

This includes designing petite, tall & ‘curvy’ collections

My clothing designs have featured in various renowned publications such as Vogue, Elle, Instyle and Grazia and I went on to work as an editorial fashion stylist for some of the most widely read magazines in the UAE

This resulted in a deep and intimate understanding of the fashion industry,  including how garments are designed & made that allowed me to identify

Three of my FOUNDATIONAL 4:

  • FIT

Because I recognise what design features enhance and flatter your body type compared to those that don’t, we workshop the principles of illusion dressing.

This eradicates overwhelm by shortcutting all that ‘noise’ at store and show you the clothes & accessories styles that fit your unique body shape and proportions, saving you time, money & stress – and the planet due to reduced textile waste

I understand what makes up a timeless, contemporary COLOUR CAPSULE© WARDROBE you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come

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Studying the 4×4 Seasonal Colour Analysis System for over a decade allowed me to understand the final step (and ironically, the first) of my



During my Diploma In Personal Styling from the Australian College of Professional Styling, I actually pulled this colour matching system apart in an effort to disprove it as I thought it was dated and obsolete…but ended up loving it and use it EVERY DAY since!!

However, I modernise the 1980’s science based on my 15 years fashion design experience and seeing 850 clients, because how we dress has evolved and the science needs to keep up

These expertise as a Colour Consultant means I can translate your unique colour palette into flattering clothes that effortlessly mix & match together because they have a common denominator. As a Wardrobe Planner I teach you to wear colour-on-colour and give you a strategy to buy in to your palette to create even greater bang-for-buck, resulting a more sustainable wardrobe by: 




I’ve hosted over 1,500 styling session across 4 countries

I’ve studied buyer behaviour for a decade, listening to your confusion, frustration and insecurity

Witnessing negative interactions with wardrobes and frustration in store changing rooms, I understand why you don’t wear the clothes you buy and wanted to work on behalf of the consumer to stop wasting money and transform your customer experience in to a positive one

Our self image is such an intimate reflection of how we feel about ourselves and I want EVERYONE to like what they see in the mirror so through collaboration and education, I dismantle the barriers that have prevented experimentation and style evolution

We workshop your personal style to stop you being underwhelmed with your wardrobe, but overwhelmed by the shops so fashion becomes fun (yes, FUN!)

This extensive ‘TRIPLE THREAT’ fashion experience means I can now match the right clothes + the right people by building you your unique COLOUR CAPSULE© WARDROBE = confident, sustainable shoppers with an authentic personal brand

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Kim Crowley

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