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Personal Style Consultant

As a Sydney personal stylist, what shocks me is how little my clients value their purchases and think they will need to throw everything out and start again. However, generally it’s completely the opposite. I pride myself as a style consultant in being able to optimise your current closet and breathe new life in to it.

It’s amazing when you see your old clothes through the new eyes of a professional personal stylist.

To read more about SESSION 1 of my PERSONAL STYLING service , click the link.

I’m not going to give you a huge list of designer clothes to go and buy, in fact quite the opposite! I suggest affordable brands as it’s this mid-market sector I have been designing for all my career and so I’ve become a bit of an expert in understanding the best of what they offer!:-


Alterations a clothes makeover


How I Add Value To Your Purchases:

> Suggest alterations to gives your clothes a makeover as shown above. The more clothes flatter, the more you wear them, reducing your cost-per-wear

> Recommend you try wearing the same clothes but in a different way (ie. heavy shirts worn as lightweight jackets or the grey dress/top photo below)

> How to incorporate your more ‘special’ items in to your every day wear to get more use out of them as I believe our days are just as important as our nights, as I explain in my Mummy Makeover Sydney page:


Sustainable Fashion

All the above helps to create a more sustainable wardrobe. I support the slow fashion movement, hence why I like to dress my clients in contemporary classics that last way beyond one season. The whole ethos of StyleSense is to purchase with purpose.

I regularly shop in op shops and wear second hand fashion, recycling clothes and accessories by re-purposing them which makes me more environmentally aware. Take a look at my INSTAGRAM for the way I style my charity shop finds.


Personal Style Advice

The value I add as a personal stylist is not only to advise you just on WHAT to wear, but HOW to wear it, which has a huge impact when finding your personal style. Two clients can wear exactly the same outfit but look very different because of HOW they are wearing it.

Often clients wear the right clothes but in the wrong way and just need a little tweak with fit, balance or proportion to make the whole outfit work and this is where the 1-on-1 styling advice is invaluable.

BODY TYPE has a huge part to play in exploring what you feel most comfortable in as some styles will flatter us more than others, read more about BODY SHAPE click here.


find your style


Find Your Fashion Style

Fashion trends will come and go, but personal style is an attitude, it’s inherent and something I IDENTIFY, EMBRACE & ENHANCE. I am not about trying to dress you like any body else, only like the best version of yourself – I help you find YOUR clothes style.

Personal styling is part art and part science! There are numerous personality styles but every client will have their own take on what they feel most comfortable in and that’s why I can only workshop your wardrobe with your honest input.

The above shows a client who had grown out of the grey dress she used to wear, it was too short and no longer the right shape for her body. However, it was still a good classic piece and I hate waste, so I re-purposed it as a top and re-styled it with more contemporary items to suit her new, more sophisticated personal style. Much improved and no sewing involved!

Throughout the WARDROBE MAKEOVER, I will suggest new fashion styles that compliment your Sydney lifestyle and give fashion advice on how best to wear them, it’s up to you whether you adopt them as for certain people, occasionally an outfit will be in ‘phase 2’ of their makeover, depending on their level of confidence but as a stylist, I like to give you some thing aspirational to aim for!


closet organizer


Personal Fashion Advice

Ultimately I want you to have more fun with fashion and using the colour & body shape guidelines I create means you can do so, but in a safe way! My personal style advice includes what to invest in but also what to avoid which is equally as important. Some clients stick to their style guide 100% where as others feel more confident to be a little more experimental.

It doesn’t take a huge effort to make a huge style impact.

My philosophy as a personal stylist is to make small changes with the biggest impact.


Personal Online Stylist

Although I am a personal fashion stylist based in Sydney, I offer an ONLINE STYLIST SERVICE to regional or overseas clients. I give fashion advice on their new personal image for the new job they might have relocated for, how to dress for their new environment and culture as well as a remote PERSONAL SHOPPER selecting new pieces from local or international brands.

Because I have lived in 4 different countries and traveled extensively for work (and for pleasure) I have acquired a fantastic understanding for global style and cultural expectations.

My styling services know no borders!