My Makeover Process

What Is A “Make Over”?

A ‘make over’ works in many ways, the dictionary definition is :

“A complete transformation of the appearance of someone or something”

That’s why giving your clothes or closet an overhaul equates to giving YOU an overhaul.

My styling process is creative & thorough as I approach it on 4 different levels depending on your needs:

> Makeover garments

> Makeover outfits

> Makeover wardrobes

> Makeover people


Garment Makeover

I find it fascinating to see how people dress and how they put their clothes together. All too often we purchase a particular garment that we adore but we don’t always think about the practicality of how to wear that item.

How To Dress

Take this pink top which is from an actual session with a client, it’s a great style as it’s easy to wear, feminine fabric and colour, however the angled hem means she has to think about wearing a layer underneath every time she goes to put it on as the side seam finishes higher than her trouser waistband. It’s also quite sheer so her bra can be seen through it too.

Therefore she hardly wears it and if she does, she slots a fitted black tank underneath which doesn’t flatter her or the garment particularly well. The beautiful blush pink is distorted almost making it look dirty and old.

clothes style

When we had a look inside my clients wardrobe and I quickly realised she favored this blush shade and there was a couple of other tops that we could use to layer underneath. The result is a much more stylish and better looking quality top that flatters her personal colourings more too! If we hadn’t conducted the WARDROBE MAKEOVER then she may well have:

  • not ever worn this top
  • worn black underneath making it look dirty
  • gone and bought a new under layer
  • purchased a new pink top that wasn’t so sheer

However, none of these things were necessary as what she needed was right at her fingertips without spending more time, energy or money! These 2 pieces looked like they were made for each other but because they were purchased years apart, my client had never considered wearing them together.


I aim to reduce your credit card bill and I love nothing more than when other people realise this too, click here to read through some of my TESTIMONIALS from partners of my clients.

Outfit Makeover 

The main advantage of a personal stylist coming to your house to workshop is that we have all your belongings around you, which means I can put them to work making you look better!! With all the ‘stuff’ we accumulate it’s easy to forget what we have and so by working together, building outfits and chatting through your honest appraisal of them, we can re-evaluate all your purchases.

My client Emma loved this printed dress which was quite flattering but I knew I could take it to the next level so she could get much more value from it, reducing her cost-per-wear. Read more about purchasing based on cost-per-wear here.

outfit makeover

How To Put Together An Outfit

Adding accessories helped make this dress pop and look more expensive, but how to accessorize well is a major struggle for most clients. Emma really liked this red sleeveless jacket too but didn’t know how to wear it so I gave her some options with pants as well as layering it over her favorite print dress which again, pair so well together – and more of your clothes will work together once you find your personal fashion style! She could even wear the belt over the top of both the dress & jacket?

See more before & afters in my PORTFOLIO.

Click here for a couple of videos showing how to get more from your clothes!

Wardrobe Makeover

My aim is to leave you with an organised closet that feels new, where you know all the pieces fit you, your lifestyle and work together. This is your capsule wardrobe, read more here.

You can see my clients closet before we set to work on it which wasn’t the most cluttered and disorganised I have ever seen, but the trouble was that she had multiple areas that she stored her clothes and needed to rationalise them because she:

  • didn’t like all of her clothes
  • they felt plain and uninteresting
  • some didn’t fit well
  • others were poorly stored and crushed
  • a few needed altering
  • she felt she was missing certain categories such as summer day tops

As a result, my client would wear the same thing over and over which is typical behavior until you have had a session with a closet organizer. Read more about the value a WARDROBE PLANNER can bring.

What If You Don’t Like My Clothes Style?

Together we go through each piece, discuss it and if we like it, I show you how to style it differently. I would NEVER throw out anything of yours, it is YOUR decision on what you choose to let go. I offer fashion advice and suggest organising your ‘maybes’ in to different piles. Generally speaking I will like pieces that you don’t, until I show you fantastic new ways to wear it!

By taking photos of all her new outfits, she has been reintroduced to the contents of her entire closet seen through new eyes, the eyes of a professional image consultant.

We then returned all wanted items in a logical manner organising them by sleeve length. Instantly you can see how many patterned sleeveless tops she has, who knew they were there? This means my client doesn’t need any more which is exactly the item she thought she was lacking.

It’s like unearthing treasure.

closet make over

Some of these printed summer tops were in draws, others were in the spare room wardrobe and some were stashed under her bed, so by having the same type of garment dotted around it’s impossible to understand what you have. It’s only when you get them in one space can you truly understand where your money has gone!

So her ‘after’ wardrobe was actually an amalgamation of 3 storage areas. Pants have moved from hanging badly in her wardrobe taking up double the space, to being folded and stored under her bed, just as easy to access but suits the storage area much better. This freed up hanging space for her tops so she could see them at a glance. Easy!

Her shoes are organised in see-through storage alongside her handbags as she likes these to work together which makes sense to store them together.

Before we know it, we had created her capsule wardrobe and we hadn’t even left the house.

If you have any questions, then get in touch

People Makeover

This is the full personal image make over where the dictionary definition is satisfied:

“a complete transformation of the appearance of someone”

What I didn’t fully appreciate when I started as a personal stylist, was how much more confident and happy my clients would become – even after the first session. A makeover is never just about clothes, it’s about transforming your personality and evolving your personal brand. Read more about PERSONAL BRANDING here.

It’s empowering to understand WHAT suits and WHY it suits you when exploring your fashion style.

Full image makeover

Most of my clients tell me that they wish they had done it sooner as they spent years wasting time and money, worrying and feeling unconfident when they didn’t need to. Life is too short.

However I also understand that not everyone has the courage to see an image consultant as it can be intimidating or confronting for some and seem expensive if you don’t understand the value it brings and how I save you money.

Emily is a mum of 3 and felt exactly that but benefited in so many way from her FULL MAKEOVER. Not only did she now have the practical knowledge of how to dress for her body type and colourings, but along the way also gain:

  • glowing skin from wearing her most flattering colours
  • fuller healthier hair after a shade tweak to make her look her best
  • understanding her true self
  • feeling able to embrace her best features
  • confidence to make better choices
  • always having something appropriate to wear
  • spent less time worrying about her appearance
  • feeling orgainised and in control
  • knowing this knowledge will last a lifetime

You can clearly see how completely different Emily looks and feels from before to after. A complete transformation!!