A Different Kind of Sydney Personal Stylist

How Do My Personal Styling Services Differ?

And when I say ‘personal stylist’, I’m probably the opposite of what you expect most personal styling services to be about.

I offer creative personal styling services with a resourceful, sustainable approach, focusing on optimizing what you currently have before buying anything further.

Fashion Expert

Firstly, I’ve worked as a global Fashion Designer so I understand garments INTIMATELY! This means I can provide you with all the information you need about fabric, fit, construction, design details etc. because I’ve been dressing people in clothes all my career. I give major insight in to the industry and impart fashion advice that will last a lifetime.

Market Research

I conducted some interesting market research when I asked people struggling with their wardrobes and appearance why they wouldn’t book a session with a Sydney image consultant, to find out what their barriers were.

They fed back 4 main points which are all really valid and are ironically, completely the opposite to how I operate my styling service!!

Read what my clients have to say here.

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“I think a personal stylist would throw out my wardrobe and make me buy lots of new designer clothes”


False. I pride myself on optimising your current wardrobe first and this is why the PERSONAL ANALYSIS & WARDROBE MAKEOVER SERVICE (session 1) is my main service I promote, click here to read more.

Don’t buy more! Let’s shop in your own wardrobe first to see what you have and what we can re-work.

Throughout my career I have learnt to find creative solutions to problems and that’s all fashion is – problem solving, “what do I need to wear for my tasks today?” I suggest resourceful ways to get more use out of 1 item whether it’s a piece of clothing or an accessory. For women, don’t go out and buy a new occasion bag, did you know your handbag strap un-clipped to make a clutch? Easy!

I also suggest making alterations to pieces that don’t flatter your body shape or lifestyle, again, creative thinking to save you money.

I love that light bulb moment when a client realizes that almost everything he/she needs to look and feel great is already inside their closet, it just needs a professional to come in and breath new life into it.

I’m actually against mass consumerism and coach my clients to think more carefully about every single item they put in their wardrobe from now on, even if it only costs $5. As Vivienne Westwood says,


I take my clients to all types of brands, from Kmart to Zimmerman and often within the same shopping session! I don’t put any pressure on you to purchase on the day and suggest taking photos of potential purchases you can consider. I know not everyone has the budget to shop but they do want to be introduced to what looks best on them.

Read more about my PERSONAL SHOPPER service here

Unlike personal shoppers who work for a specific store, I don’t have to make sales so there’s never that uncomfortable silence! I encourage you to feedback the reasons you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable in a style I have suggested, that’s all part of the process of getting to understand YOU and finding your fashion style.

Clothes style


“I feel like the process would cost me a fortune”


False. I can completely change the way you think about your clothes for $160 in my EXPRESS MAKEOVER

For those on a budget, this is a cracker of a service, even if I do say so myself!

There is no shopping so you don’t need to feel pressure to spend any additional money but you can book in a PERSONAL SHOPPER session if, and when, it’s right for you. During our makeover session I suggest any gaps you might have in your closet that would optimise your current purchases, capturing details of the colour, style, fabric etc so you know exactly what you’re looking for so you don’t waste money or time.

Otherwise if you book a different makeover service, we can cap the time we spend together or focus on the main area you are having difficulty with, no problem. My image consultant services are designed to SAVE YOU MONEY and work with what you have, not cost you a small fortune.



“I’m concerned they will put me in uncomfortable outfits”


False. I pride myself on being able to pair style with comfort and strongly believe you don’t have to choose one over the other. I’m a busy working parent like so many others, which means I generally have to be practical in the way I dress – but that doesn’t mean boring. During my 17 years in the fashion industry, I have designed thousands of items that have clever little details added to ensure all day comfort as my aim was to drive sales and entice customers back to purchase again.

‘Clothing comfort’ can be broken down in to 2 areas:

1. Practical Comfort:

My understanding of fabrics and garment construction are key to creating a comfortable outfit for your body shape, the position of a dart or tuck for example can makes all the difference, so once you understand these fashion tips shopping becomes more rewarding. Some clients can’t wear heels so I introduce them to fantastic flat shoes, other clients dislike their legs so we expand their pant options. I work within your parameters, give you choices and make them look stylish.

2. Personal Style:

Finding your fashion style is the other important factor to feeling comfortable with how you look and the personal image you share with the world – your personal branding. I have dressed 2 very similar looking clients in identical outfits, but the way they ‘wore’ them was very different and that’s down to their personal style and individual attitude.

I IDENTIFY, EMBRACE & ENHANCE your clothes style as it becomes very obvious when a person has been over-styled or dressed in something that is just not ‘them’. You should wear your clothes, your clothes should not wear you. Read more about PERSONAL STYLE here

It’s amazing how when we wear an outfit that feels wrong we think about it all day, but when we wear an outfit that feels right we don’t think about it at all which allows us to have head space for other, more important things!

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“I don’t really do ‘fashion'”


We all take part in ‘fashion’ whether we like it or not as we have to dress ourselves every day and what we wear speaks volumes about who we are.

However, ‘fashion’ is often perceived as high-fashion catwalk shows which can be a little odd as their main aim is to shock or gain media coverage, or edgy fashionista style which let’s face it can be downright ugly. For women I call the latter ‘the man repeller effect’, that outfit that is trendy but your partner just doesn’t ‘get it’!

The fashion I promote is neither of those (unless you want my help in these areas!). All of my clients are unique but one thing I have learnt that no matter what their age or sex, every single person wants to look and feel:

> Flattering

> Stylish

> Contemporary

> Comfortable

And that’s the fashion style I deliver and everybody has their own version of what that looks like, and feels like, for them.


personal stylist sydney

Read more about MY MAKEOVER PROCESS here including before & after photos.

I care about my clients and love helping them. The reason my clients keep coming back is because I make a difference to their lives, saving them time & money whilst elevating their personal style.

I can show you how easy it can be to transform your self image to give you head space to think about more important things in your life.

Positive self image = positive living.

Contact me and lets elevate your image today!