Style & Colour Theory

So many of my clients want to appear edgier and better dressed but are unsure how to do this without looking ‘corporate’.

By simply swapping your cardigan to a jacket instantly elevates your look.

Keeping the colours soft avoids it looking like office wear and helps flatter Jen’s features so much better as she has a softer overall look in her hair ,skin and eyes.

My client looks edgy and contemporary but still completely practical and playground appropriate.

Swapping out a cardigan to a jacket instantly elevates your look

Shape Theory

Even when you have a stunning figure with long, lean legs, different jean shapes can have a profound effect on how good you look.

This kick flare jean is stunning on Anjali and emphasises all her ‘best bits’ rather than the rejected jean shape that cling to her widest part.

Emma has a straighter cut jean that sits over her shoe, elongating her leg. It’s a slicker update of the conventional ‘boot cut’.

Even a long leg needs the right jean shape
These dark, slick jeans elongate Emma's hourglass figure

Garment Makeover

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to bring new life to an old garment.

The dress was a classic piece but no longer served my client, so I gave the garment a makeover!

By changing the end use from a dress to a top breaths new life in to it – ideal for my client who lacked longer sleeve tops which avoided having to spend money on a new item as well!

Jen now looks more sophisticated and it serves her lifestyle much better!


Revamp dresses that are now too short, in to a top!

Total Makeover

Trudy felt stuck in a rut, felt mummsy and didn’t know what suited her body shape.

During session 1 I identified her most flattering silhouettes & she was amazed at how many she already owned! I also analysed Trudy’s colours and felt that her hair was too dark & stark for her which would be adding to the negative way she felt about herself.

When we met for session 2, Trudy had softened her hair cut & colour, she was wearing her new outfits and was feeling great! During our shopping session we added to her capsule wardrobe to offer more choice and I even copied one of her outfits!

Trudy was like a new person!! Life changing.


Trudy's transformation is incredible, flattering clothes & hair have made all the difference

Colour Theory – Clothes & Make-up

I produced this makeover photo shoot for a national magazine to prove that when you wear the right shades for your individual features, it makes you glow and can knock years off you!


Helen has delicate colourings and looks completely overwhelmed wearing a heavy black dress with strong pink lip, her skin & hair appear completely washed out. Many women make the mistake of wearing stronger hues hoping it will strengthen their features when in fact they completely take over and mask their natural colourings.

Helen needs softer shades to flatter and by choosing paler clothes & make-up, her skin and hair now have a rich creaminess to them and her facial features are in harmony, allowing her to look like the natural beauty she is.

Helen is a SUMMER and needs more delicate colours

Colour Theory – Clothes & Make-up


Dani had always wanted to wear a jumpsuit but didn’t know what style or colour to try, so therefore she’d never actually tried any on!

The purple jumpsuit is too dusky and dulls her complexion, as well as altering her hair tone to a less desirable brassy level. However, wearing the orange corrects her hair tone and allows her beautiful blue eyes to pop!

Whereas on some women bright orange would completely overpower them, Dani needs that strength and warmth to help her features come alive, she looks striking, yet balanced.

Dani is also blonde with blue eyes, but she is a SPRING and needs more vibrant colours

Colour Theory – Hair

I frequently have female clients that colour their hair, which over time, becomes too light and as a result their skin and facial features appear washed out.

These clients benefit from adding depth and richness back in to their hair to help re-balance their features.

You can see how in both of these photos, the deeper hair shade makes their skin glow & eyes pop!

You can see the positive effect of adding depth back in to their hair

Shape Theory

Amanda has a fantastic figure but this outfit on the left makes her appear pear shaped with sloping shoulders.

By changing the styles and giving her a stronger shoulder, waist definition and a more fitted skirt, it instantly makes her look taller & slimmer! Gorgeous!

Style Theory

Why throw on a pant & top like that on the left, when you can throw on the flattering outfit on the right?

Amanda looks stylish as well as much younger as it’s a fun, preppy look that represents her personality, rather than the dated, shapeless outfit on the left that made her feel frumpy.

These 2 dress styles are both fantastic on Amanda and all women need both in their wardrobe.

The easy fit day dress is elevated due to the silk fabric, the flattering shade and stylish accessories. The blue figure hugging shape is a bold choice for a special event and I think you’ll agree she looks a knock out!


Accessories change everything.

Take this example of the humble blue jean & white top and see how different these 2 looks are, simply because of the accessories. We added hair & make-up and you can see a distinct difference.

Accessories bring new life to tired clothes in an inexpensive way, particularly good for clients that fluctuate in weight as a handbag will always fit well!