Britons Waste £30billion In Unworn Clothes Every Year

Researches estimate that over the past year Britons have left 1.7billion clothing items, unworn. This is valued at more than £30billion, averaging 28 items per person.

This is a huge waste of not just money, but our time too. Just imagine adding another 28 items of clothing to your wardrobe that had been better thought-out purchases and how much of an improvement that would have made to your wardrobe. 28 items spread over 1 year could be a whole new work wardrobe or your years worth of wardrobe staples that would last you for several years to come. Every purchase should make a positive addition to your wardrobe which would save you a lot of time in the longrun.

In a different report, ‘Valuing Our Clothes’, it states that typically 30% of our wardrobes remains unworn, generally for reasons such as, no longer fitting in them, saving them for an occasion or not getting round to throwing them away. These reasons are very common and i hear them time and time again. The trick is to be honest with yourself about these reasons. You don’t have to throw clothes away that don’t fit or those you can’t bear to part with for sentimental reasons, but put them in to storage. This way you will keep in your wardrobe clear of clutter and make it easier to dress every morning. You know it’s time to throw clothes away when you haven’t worn them for over 1year.

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