Best&Less launches ‘The L&B Experiment’


I love this, it’s such a fantastic social experiment. Ricki from Campaign Brief reports on the success of the latest, and very bold experiment, by Banjo – the PR agency for Best & Less. By presenting exactly the same clothes within a more beautiful retail environment, peoples perception of the value of the items changed dramatically. They could view the garments without the stigma and indeed, appeal to a lot more people that wouldn’t have usually stepped foot inside a Best & Less. Customers were even prepared to pay a higher price for these items, almost 4 times the correct price! The video is a must watch.

Due to this lower end market not giving the love the clothes that they should ie. steaming garments before hanging, using decent hangers, merchandising in to outfits etc, it’s often hard for potential customers to imagine how good they could look once they get them home and mix them with their own wardrobe. I think there is definitely a place for lower priced fashion. But it should still fit well, be made of a cloth that doesn’t give you a rash and be a considered purchase. You should never buy an item because it’s cheap. If that’s the motivation, you’ll never love it, and it’s just a waste.

I visited Best & Less yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by their knitwear and encourage any one to go in and take a fresh look, particularly at this category.

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