Talking of different female body shapes, i’ve shared a few style hacks linked to body confidence on my instagram so if you’re not following me on ig (where have you been??) then you can see my fashion tips below.

Not only is it our personal style that evolves as we get older, but also what we’re comfortable wearing changes as we question whether it’s still ‘age appropriate’.

Now, working as a personal stylist I would argue that too many people are dictated to about what is ‘age appropriate’ as my mum rocks tight jeans and converse at 67 years old and looks amazing, and I see numerous older women looking chic in outfits that others may feel is a more ‘youthful’ outfit.

Hem Length

However, the subject of hem lengths is one to consider, therefore I have suggested that you can still wear these shorter, lightweight dresses but as tops… and they don’t even need sewing!!!

Many clients still have tunics in their closet from the fashion trend a few years back so these can be re-purposed as tops too which give them a modern day style makeover.



Showing Skin

On the subject of showing skin, recent fashion trends have increased the amount of cut-outs we see in our dresses, jumpsuits & tops. If you feel like you want to show less skin for a daytime look or maybe you’ve just become less body confident, then layer under a fitted white tee to get more wear from it. It suits all different body types and a white tee is an essential that you need in your wardrobe!



Shoulder Robe

I love it when a fashion trend actually works in the real world and shoulder robing is a great one. It’s handy when you want to pop something around your shoulders and you don’t want a scarf, because, let’s face it, they’re a bit dated.

It dresses up the most humble of clothes styles, I feel like I could wear my denim jacket out to somewhere glam if worn over my shoulders.

But the best advantage is that for those of us who are pregnant, fluctuate with their weight or just have a favorite jacket they no longer fit it, then slinging it around your shoulders is the answer! Make sure the shoulder/sleeve seam is anchored on your body so it doesn’t slip off easily and off you go!



Heel Height

I feel like to need to address the topic of stilettos. I’ve had a few female clients that get in to auto pilot and pair everything with a high heel thinking their legs will look longer and slimmer. However, if the heel is chunky, a bad design or finishes at an awkward place on the ankle then they are no more flattering than welly boot!

Fundamentally, the shoe needs to be elegant and suit YOUR LEG SHAPE & PROPORTIONS to add length cue the reason for a professional personal stylist to give you individual advice. You’re better off wearing a lower heel that flatters you more and a style you can walk around in all day long so you look consistently fabulous (the sign of a stylish person), rather than struggle in a stiletto for a few hours – and then change in to your jandles (insert sad face shaking head emoji).

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