Almost every client I have worked with asks me to put together a versatile, flattering capsule wardrobe. Every person’s capsule is different depending on their lifestyle, taste level and budget.

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When I relocated back to Sydney from Dubai, I have a very limited luggage allowance which meant I had to pack thoughtfully as what I carried with me needed to satisfy 2 months worth of varied activities & climates.

As a wardrobe planner I packed 9 carefully chosen fashion styles that mixed and matched together to create 24 different outfits. I kept my colour palette tight but threw in a couple of more interesting patterned accessories to avoid boredom. Easy!

Personal Taste

It’s amazing when you find your personal style as your purchases naturally start to co-ordinate better and in turn, you can create more outfits from your wardrobe. This is true here as pieces work together that you wouldn’t obviously put together, who knew a blue check blazer looks good with a floral patterned bag!