With spring racing, Christmas party’s and new year all within a hop-skip-and-a-jump from each other here in Australia, finding the most flattering lipstick shade is an important part of your fashion style.

As a PERSONAL COLOUR CONSULTANT, I identify the most flattering colours to suit your individual features but this doesn’t start and stop with clothes, it extends to beauty and make-up too.


Beauty Makeover

The whole point of wearing lipstick is to enhance your features, so by wearing the incorrect shade, it actually can have a detrimental effect!

My ONLINE CLIENT needed help identifying her ideal lipstick shades so she sent me through a few to look at…

beauty makeover

Colour Stylist

My client is an AUTUMN so she has some natural warmth.

You can see that 1 & 2 flatter this client in different ways as they too have warmth to them, but colour 3 is too cool blue for her and dulls her complexion…and hair!!

If you saw shade 3 in isolation, you’d probably think it was ok but once you try a few shades on and compare, you can clearly see the difference.

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Style Tips

I suggest that when (and if) you have a few spare minutes, pop in to a make-up brand and ask them to try a few lipsticks on you including different finishes – but take photos in the same light so you can compare one against another as this is when the winner is obvious!

You could even book in for a make-up makeover which may cost, but you’ll receive style tips and will be introduced to new beauty products as they’re improving all the time which in turn, improves the way we look for less effort. And we all know that’s a good thing.