Ok, so you know there are several female body types but what if you can’t work out what shape you are, but still want to look good?

What if you want to hit the shops with a style in mind that you think could flatter you regardless of the shape of your body? To have an idea of what might suit you is better than no idea right?

When I meet women in Sydney and they find out I work as a personal stylist, the first question I get asked is “what dress shapes suit my body type?” although most of the time I  can’t make out their figure! Therefore, I decided that rather than asking them to strip down, I thought a more appropriate response would be to tell them about a fantastic style that would probably look good on them.

If you ask the question ‘what is my body type?’ click here to find out.

Dressing For Your Body Shape

During my personal styling service, I aim to simplify dressing for your body shape, now i’m not saying this will suit every single female as I don’t adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach but ‘one style fits most’ is a pretty good start! It might not align with your personal taste which is another key factor when finding what ‘fits’ you, but in my experience as a Sydney stylist this dress is a fantastic, reliable go-to style.

‘One Style Fits Most’

THE most flattering dress shape = The FIT & FLARE

It FITS in all the right places & FLARES out over all the right places

how to dress for your body shape

This classic little number tends to flatter pretty much ALL types of body shapes… and not many garments can claim that!

Why This Dress Flatters

  • Wrap styles flatter the bust and torso
  • Wraps are adjustable for different body types & bust shapes
  • The feminine sleeve gives arm coverage and finding stylish dresses WITH sleeves is rare
  • It gives waist definition, high enough to hide a tummy
  • The full skirt glides over the hips & thighs which are commonly a more tricky part of a womens body shape
  • It covers the knee which is another area a lot of females prefer to cover, particularly as they age
  • This style creates an hourglass figure which is the most desirable
  • The fabric has stretch which allows better fit
  • The stretch gives extra comfort for all day wear and if you were to put on or loose some weight
  • It’s a classic piece that won’t date and suits all ages, just style it up with contemporary accessories
  • And whats more, the colour of this dress is also flatters a wide variety of skin tones


This style is from Sammy Dress and retails for around $25!!

So if you feel a little lost when you’re next out shopping, buying a frock like this would be a worthwhile purchase. A lot of retailers have their own version but go armed with my list above and try to find a version that works best for you.

If you need help then just contact me to be your shopping buddy and read all about the advantages of booking my PERSONAL SHOPPER service.

Good luck!