Finding a diamond in the rough

Not that i’m one for throw away fashion, i do appreciate that there is a place in our wardrobes for a few lower priced items that are a bit more trend driven. After the interesting L&B experiment by Best & Less, it got me thinking about other shops with a stigma attached when buying clothes, and so i had a browse in KMart and found this little gem.

It’s easy to wear and not too masculine or rock ‘n roll, and as I would have bought it for $40, I thought it was a wise purchase. I trimmed the armhole a little so it looked a bit more authentic and styled it with a vintage red leather skirt, Zara heels & a lace bra peeping through. No one would have guessed it was from KMart – or is that a bad thing – should i be proud of that fact I love my $8 tee?

It’s all about how much you value your purchase.