So now you’ve seen the interview outfit inspiration (if you missed it, click here), the next question I get asked is ‘where can I get these clothes from?’

My first answer is always to SHOP IN YOUR OWN WARDROBE as nowadays, you don’t have to rush out to buy a conventional black suit as an interview uniform, as there are numerous other options to wear and often you may already have some suitable hiding in your wardrobe, such as textured jackets or culottes? If not, I encourage you to borrow something from a similar sized friend!

If you need the help of a professional to give you style advice and feel you just don’t have the appropriate clothes at your disposal, then we could conduct a PERSONAL SHOPPER session where I would introduce you to the relevant fashion brands and clothes styles:

Remember that you may need to create more than 1 interview outfit depending on how many meetings they request with you!

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