Everything you need to know about creating your #iso capsule from pieces most of my clients already have in their wardrobes. 

This Isn’t A Just A Covid Capsule

You know me, i’m all about creating a sustainable closet that lasts for years not slavishly following fashion trends.

Therefore, this isn’t a separate capsule wardrobe – but part of the essential pieces you need in your wardrobe at all times to make dressing a breeze!

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Just Add YOUR Personal Style!

These are examples I’ve bought over the years to curate my capsule wardrobe according to my fashion style, so I’m not telling you that you need these exact items, but that you need this type of item that does that particular job...just add your personal style!

14 clothes + 2 shoes + 1 bag = your smart/casual capsule!

You then add a few other pieces such as a smart blazer and denim jean (don’t worry, I’m also delaying re-acquainting myself with tight jeans!) for when, and if, we return to a conventional office environment.

Some Personal Shopper Guidance

I also make suggestions about brands to buy from in-case you haven’t got similar pieces already in your closets, including the key fabric names to look out for.

Ready to give your wardrobe a makeover Sydney……?

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I’ll Prove How Effortlessly These Mix & Match

Stay tuned for me to prove how these clothes styles mix & match effortlessly when I show you ALLLLLLLL the outfits I create for you!

...and it’s probably a few more than you expect

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