How to wear…the essential white shirt

The vastly underrated button-though white shirt is a must have piece to have in your wardrobe. It can take you from a job interview to a dinner date and there is one to suit all body shapes and ages. Because of its conservative connotations, you can team it with something uber sexy and it still retains class.

The secret is to buy a good quality one made from a medium/heavy weight cotton, ideally with a little stretch in it to help with fit (particularly helpful when some padded bras burst open the front buttons). Hugo Boss sell a beautiful white shirt that has the center front placket stitched down to avoid this ‘bursting open’ look and a few other retails have since followed.

Also, a white shirt needs to be washed on a white wash only to retain the bright white colour which will keep it looking new. Look for shirts with flattering seam details or expensive looking buttons.

The many looks below show it’s versatility …but there’s many more