Wardrobe Makeover



Different Types of Wardrobe Makeover


This service optimizes your current wardrobe by creating numerous new outfits so you gain much more value from what you already own and never again feel like you have nothing to wear!

We can focus on areas such as a work wear wardrobe, packing for a holiday or needing an outfit for an event.


For when you have a lot of clothes and need advice when deciding what to keep & what to discard. We then organise your closet in to a functional space that no longer overwhelms you.


My specialty! Read more my MUMMY MAKEOVER makeover service here.

If you feel like you need a bit of everything, then I can do that too!

All this is done in the comfort of your own home with a non-judgmental but honest approach, as a PERSONAL STYLIST I will edit your wardrobe so you’re left with a cleansed closet that flatters you and works better together so dressing every morning becomes easy and enjoyable.


” If you feel unsure if to see her, don’t – investing in her services was the best decision! (She will not judge your wardrobe either!) ” – Outi Mustonen


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My Wardrobe Makeover Process

  • Cleanse your closet from unflattering, unnecessary styles
  • Create more outfits using the garments remaining in your wardrobe, including new colour or pattern combinations
  • Guide you through rules on accessorising & show you how powerful accessories are when creating completely different looks
  • Create a versatile, capsule wardrobe that suits your needs
  • Identify key fabrics for your lifestyle and show you their versatility
  • Touch on flattering hair & make up choices
  • Show you the types of patterns that flatter you best
  • Create a stronger personal ‘look’, relevant to your taste, lifestyle & budget
  • Highlight any gaps in your wardrobe to help it become more functional
  • Recommend appropriate fashion trends
  • Suggest alterations to bring new life to old or unflattering clothes
  • Guide you in organising your clothes to create a serviceable wardrobe
  • Take photos of all new outfits / colour combinations to start your new StyleSense ‘look book’ to refer to every time your get dressed!


You will learn valuable style tips throughout my image consultant service as I focused on teaching you the theory of what suits you and why, rather than just telling you how to dress.

Learn more about the benefits of a WARDROBE PLANNER here or read about my MAKEOVER PROCESS here


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” I have only had to make a very small number of purchases in order to complete my wardrobe, and not even a week later I am experimenting with my outfits and having a whole lot of fun doing it!


I honestly could not recommend Kim more highly! ” – Kelly Dean-Willcocks


My Wardrobe Makeover Follow-up

  • Photographic ‘look book’ showing your new outfits, a quick-guide to reference every morning so you’ll no longer struggle with what to wear
  • A list of gaps in your wardrobe to shop in to
  • Photograph my alteration suggestions
  • List of ‘Top Fashion Tips’ to help you 1. shop smarter & 2. care for your clothes, that every person should know


  • $85/per hour & after the 2 hour minimum, I charge by the half hour
  • Doesn’t include follow up services eg. bespoke colour wallet or personalised colour & body shape summaries
  • Times can be capped if on a budget
  • NB: Travel charges outside central Sydney:
  • 10-19km=$25 / 20-29km=$30 / 30-39km=$35 / 40km+ =$40+ tbc
  • $50 cancellation fee applies


Want to like what’s in your wardrobe again? Then contact me today


~ Photos shot at Hello1234 Boutique Paddington ~