Ever wondered what necklace to wear with what neckline? Particularly the more tricky off-the-shoulder or asymmetric styles?

Then check out my cheat sheet I put together for a popular magazine to navigate you through even the most difficult of necklines.

necklace cheat sheet

The Advantages Of Buying Jewellery

Jewellery is fantastic for many reasons:
– a great way to elevate your personal style
– you can play with pop brights and unusual combinations if you’re not so colour-confident
– to dip your toe in a trend you wouldn’t wear in clothes
– it fits you even if you put on weight
you can borrow from/lend to a friend as it will always fit
– it can dress up the most basic of outfits
– trans-seasonal as you can wear it all year round
– it’s generally inexpensive
– can be incredibly impactful!

I’m showing necklaces for a black top but could just as easily be accessories for a black dress, it’s the style tips and theory that matters.


Necklace Guidelines

Adding jewellery should compliment your outfit, not spoil it. As an image consultant I get asked all the time how to accessorise as it’s something clients can easily get wrong.

In general, try and follow these easy guidelines when choosing the perfect pairing of necklace and neckline:

> The necklace should follow the neckline, or
> Fit the space left by the neckline
> Aim for the jewellery to be in synergy with the neckline ie.angular shapes or fine/delicate

Jewellery is the perfect way to have fun with fashion so take a risk!