For those of you who know me will know I bang on about the importance of altering your clothes to make them fit YOUR body shape, as seen here.

If you’re of average build and height then you may not feel like you should pay extra to tailor a style as generally clothes would tend to fit your body type well.

However for those of us who are petite, tall or curvy then the cost of a quick alteration is something we frequently have to factor in to the price of the garment.

Online Shopping

Yet what ever type of shape you may be, online shopping can be a challenge trying to work out what size to purchase from each brand as they all come up different (cue previous post that explains this in more depth). Well, let me introduce you to the PerfectFit app from Haru.


Find Your Perfect Fit – The Future Of Shopping

HARU is a forward thinking brand who are tapping in to this problem by taking body shape to a whole new level.

Firstly they map your body measurements using an app and then compare them with various online brands who can offer garments in your perfect fit!

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

So Haru’s approach to dressing for your body shape is to minimise the need for alterations after, by defining the shape of your body first! So of course, there are many different body types – particularly female body types – but this process makes shopping more successful (& therefore enjoyable) so next time you receive your parcel in the post you can be sure your selection will work for you.

There’s no such thing as the perfect body shape, but there can be the perfect fit!