As a wardrobe stylist I’ve seen complete extremes in peoples wardrobes, one client with only 15 items, yet another housing over 20 years worth of clothes and accessories across four huge rooms.

It’s amazing how over the years we can accumulate so many ‘things’, scarves, jackets, shoes etc. and it’s essential that every now and again, you review what is taking up your valuable wardrobe space and question whether it’s still relevant to your lifestyle.

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Wardrobe Makeover

Every week I make-over clients, but I also make-over their wardrobes and let’s face it, Sydney wardrobes tend to be small and therefore need more regular edits! I cleanse and re-organise making sure all the items we put back in your closet serve you. Often we have to be more creative about how we utilize smaller areas and there is some fantastic space saving devices nowadays so it pays to shop around. Have a look at my PINTEREST board for some space saving hacks.

And after all, January is the perfect month to cleanse…

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  1. Sonia Hopkin

    Love this, especially the 6 questions to ask yourself- I’m inspired to go through my wardrobe this weekend – it may not be January anymore but now is as good a time as any!