Whether it’s online shopping or in-store, this is everything you need to know because as a Sydney fashion shopper, I bet you’re not doing the 2 *crucial* things that makes shopping most effective

Shop Like A Personal Shopper Does

The actual ‘act’ of shopping is generally just the purchasing part – the central process – but there’s a pre and post activity that I do as a professional PERSONAL SHOPPER that generates much better results.

3 Key Fashion Tips For Successful Online Shopping

ABC reported on May 19th that Australia Post says online shopping has increased by 80% during lock-down, so in my video I share 3 key fashion tips to help you shop online efficiently.

What you choose to remove from your wardrobe is just as important as what you choose to keep in your wardrobe

If your closet contains rubbish, you’ll look rubbish and feel rubbish and this is the OPPOSITE of what your wardrobe should do for you!

How To Shop Like A Professional Personal Shopper

My skills as a WARDROBE PLANNER are paramount when approaching a personal shop for my personal styling clients and for myself personally, then the outfitting kicks in, have a listen….

If you feel like you need some help with shopping, outfitting or anything to do with your wardrobe, I’m only a phone call away!