Personal Shopper

personal shopper


What is a Personal Shopper?

I take you on a shopping tour of Sydney to show you exactly what you should be wearing by putting together fantastic new outfit choices, just for you.

I will explain how items can be mixed with your current clothes style (particularly effective if we have conducted the WARDROBE MAKEOVER session first) so you understand the added value they will bring to your capsule wardrobe.

Shopping with list with a clear of what you’re looking for changes everything!

Never return from a shopping trip stressed, disappointed or empty handed again!

Let’s start building an interchangeable wardrobe you actually enjoy wearing!


My Personal Shopper Process

  • Work as a wardrobe planner to fill in your style gaps, whether it’s investment pieces, essentials or accessories
  • Introduce you to new relevant shops and labels including online brands
  • Suggest new ‘looks’ to compliment your existing personal wardrobe
  • Create numerous new outfits whilst at the shops by coordinating your brand new purchases
  • Strengthen the impact of your personal style
  • Experiment with new flattering shapes & colours
  • Edit fashion trends to give style advice about which ones are right for you
  • Coach you on fabrics and their value & versatility
  • Help make your budget go further by advising where we can save money
  • Help you avoid making bad buying decisions on a whim
  • Stop you feeling overwhelmed and disappointed when shopping
  • Never say “I don’t have anything to wear” ever again!


You will gain valuable knowledge throughout this experience as my personal shopping consultant service is focused on teaching you the theory of what suits you and why, rather than just telling what you should & shouldn’t be wearing.


Persoanl Shopper


Sydney Guided Shopping

This personal shopping experience can also be used to concentrate on an area of your wardrobe you need to build up, such as:

> work-wear closet

> a travel capsule

> one-off special occasion

Read more about the connection between our appearance and our identity here.


What If I don’t Live In Sydney?

If you don’t live in Sydney but plan to visit, I can take you on a Sydney shopping tour. I would first chat with you over the phone to gain some background in to your lifestyle needs, budget and personal fashion style, then meet with you in Sydney to be your private shopper and deliver a much more fulfilling and fun experience!

I also offer you list of ‘Top Fashion Tips’ to help you 1. shop smarter & 2. care for your clothes, that every person should know.

You will learn valuable style tips throughout my image consultant service as I focused on teaching you the theory of what suits you and why, rather than just telling you how to dress.

Read more about what makes my personal styling services unique here.

Alternatively, you could take up my ONLINE PERSONAL STYLIST service where I assist you remotely?


personal stylist sydney


  • This is SESSION 2 which can follow session 1 if desired, or be in isolation
  • $85/per hour & after the 2 hour minimum, I charge by the half hour
  • Times can be capped if on a budget
  • $50 cancellation fee applies


You are under no obligation to purchase any of the clothes I find for you during your personal shopping experience. You may choose to use the session for reference ideas or for future shopping trips. I do not earn a commission from any labels, however, some fashion brands I will favor more than others due to the value I feel you receive from the product


Personal Shopper + Wardrobe Outfitter Package Discount


If you would like me to come to your home to create and photograph all new outfit combinations, I offer a 10% discount.

This linked service is perfect for returning clients needing a seasonal update, or for a new clients who don’t need the PERSONAL ANALYSIS & WARDROBE MAKEOVER first.

I generate your look-book so all you have to do every morning is flick through your outfit catalogue to decide what to wear!

Creating new outfits from new purchases


Creating new outfits from combining new + older styles

This is the ideal way to optimise your closet and breath new life in to older purchases you may have grown tired of.


  • I offer a 10% discount on this linked service (reduces my rate to $76.50 per hour) Not applicable in conjunction with my Loyalty Programme, we would simply use the lowest rate from the two
  • 4hr minimum total
  • Travel charges may apply for the home visit 10-19km=$25 / 20-29km=$30 / 30-39km=$35 / 40km+ =$40+ tbc



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~ Photos shot at Hello1234 Boutique Paddington ~