Personal Shopper Sydney

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What is a Personal Shopper?

I take you on a VIP Sydney shopping tour to show you exactly what you should be wearing by hand picking your perfect clothes and accessories.

Your perfect capsule wardrobe will be outfitted and waiting for you in a private fitting room and as soon as you pull back the curtain, the fun begins!


I do all the shopping for you! No need to shop the racks yourself!


Through education and collaboration, we workshop your favorite pieces, taking photos of all your new outfits so you never have to complain of having nothing to wear, ever again!

Sustainable Fashion Shopper, Including Second-hand Shops!

As a sustainable image consultant, I’ll also show how items can be mixed with your current clothes style (particularly effective if preceded by the WARDROBE MAKEOVER) so you understand the added value they’ll bring to your capsule wardrobe.

Never return from a shopping trip stressed, disappointed or empty handed again! You don’t even need to go on to the shop floor if you don’t want to!

Let’s start building an interchangeable wardrobe you actually enjoy wearing!

We generally start your personal shop in either David Jones or Myer in the CBD, or we can go second-hand shopping. I’ll take you to my favorite pre-loved stores and show you how to shop op-shops efficiently


” I just got so much out of my time with you. I LOVE my new wardrobe but even better I actually ENJOY SHOPPING AGAIN NOW! ” – Kylie Gouliotis




Click here to hear my MamaM!a podcast explaining my  7 DEADLY SHOPPING SINS to avoid when you want to create a mix & match Colour Capsule© Wardrobe 



fashion podcast


My Personal Shopper Process

  • Your perfect capsule wardrobe will be outfitted and waiting for you in a private fitting room so I do all the shopping for you!
  • Complete my WARDROBE PLANNER service by filling your style gaps
  • Introduce you to new relevant shops and brands including online
  • Suggest brand new looks to optimise your existing personal wardrobe
  • Experiment with new flattering shapes for your BODY TYPES & COLOURS and how to combine them
  • Photograph numerous new outfits in the fitting room by coordinating your brand new purchases
  • Receive exclusive personal shopper discounts (up to 35%!)
  • Define and play with your PERSONAL STYLE
  • Elevate your PERSONAL BRAND and self esteem
  • Edit fashion trends to give style advice about which ones are right for you
  • Coach you on fabrics and their value & versatility
  • Help make your budget go further by advising where we can save money
  • Help you avoid making bad buying decisions on a whim
  • Stop you feeling overwhelmed and disappointed when shopping
  • Replace anxiety with confidence
  • Never say “I don’t have anything to wear” ever again!



You’ll gain valuable knowledge throughout this experience as my unique personal shopping consultant service teaches you the theory of what suits YOU & WHY, rather than just telling what you should & shouldn’t be wearing.



Persoanl Shopper



” It was so “ANXIETY REDUCING” to shop with a list, and to have an honest yet tactful opinion to help in the decision making. Thank you Kim x ” – Kirsten Cleland



Sydney Guided Shopping Tours

This personal shopping experience can be used to concentrate on an area of your wardrobe such as:

> work-wear closet

> a travel capsule

> one-off special occasion

> second hand shopping

Read more about the connection between our appearance and our identity here.


What If I don’t Live In Sydney?

If you don’t live in Sydney but plan to visit, I can still take you on a VIP Sydney shopping tour. We’d chat over the phone and you’d complete my email questionnaire to get to know your personal fashion style, before becoming your private shopper to deliver a more fulfilling and fun experience!


Online Personal Stylist

Alternatively, you could take up my ONLINE PERSONAL STYLIST service where I assist you remotely?


personal stylist sydney



” You’ve changed my life – I bought all these in less than 1 hour!! ” – Cara Sleeman


My Personal Shopper Follow-up

  • Photographic ‘look book’ showing your new outfits to reference every morning so you’ll no longer struggle with what to wear
  • 2 x Top Fashion Tips to help you 1/. shop smarter & 2/. care for your clothes, that every person should know


  • Includes a 1hr pre-shop we do before you arrive so your perfect capsule wardrobe is outfitted and waiting for you!
  • All prices include 10% GST
  • This is SESSION 2 which can follow session 1 if desired, or be in isolation
  • $450 for a 2hr session + 1hr pre-shop completed before you arrive (additional time $50 per quarter-hour)
  • Time is totally led by you & calculated in 15 minute intervals for value
  • Times can be capped if on a budget, just let us know up front
  • Cancellation fees may apply read T&C’s here
  • Payment in installments possible


We Work Independently

You’re under no obligation to purchase during your personal shopper experience as you may use the session purely for ideas. We don’t earn commission from any labels, however, some fashion brands we’ll favor more than others due to the value they provide


” The best thing of all, is that I have stopped impulse buying. As I tell my son’s, one is never too old to start learning. Thank you Kim X ” – Claire Forbes





Personal Shopper : Pregnancy Wardrobe


Pregnancy can be a challenging time for most mums-to-be, let alone trying to flatter your changing body shape!

We tend to rely on our maternity wardrobe for months after giving birth and if you plan to have multiple children, selecting the appropriate clothes is key as you will be wearing them for years!


mummy makeover sydney


Don’t waste money on frumpy maternity garments that offer such a limited range, I can find you fashionable clothes you’ll want to wear AND feel good in.

I’ll take you to non-maternity (& selected maternity) stores and help pick out styles that flatter your lifestyle, budget and growing bump, whilst remaining stylish yet comfortable.

I’ll email you a summary, guiding you through each semester as each one brings their own challenges, providing tips & tricks to keep you looking – and feeling – your best.


” And she’s just so kind and lovely on top of being an incredible stylist. I couldn’t recommend her more highly! ” – Janine Miller


Mummy Makeover

Post childbirth, re-identifying our new body shape makes dressing it a whole lot easier so you might benefit from my PERSONAL ANALYSIS & WARDROBE MAKEOVER service  or a MUMMY MAKEOVER where I teach you practical style tips to elevate your mum uniform from mumsy to stylish, all within your new (often lower) budget.


Maternity Fashion

Click for my Pinterest board showing stylish maternity fashion, new brands to shop/rent from, as well as inspiration on how to wear your current favorites to accommodate a growing baby bump.

And if you plan to breast feed, then read my blog about this fantastic multi-tasker of a top – that’s not from a daggy maternity store!




Are you joining me for a more fulfilling shopping experience? Contact me today

Have more questions? Then read my ‘What I Don’t Do’ page so you feel completely comfortable


~ Photos shot at Hello1234 Boutique Paddington ~