This is me, chatting to you to try and give you a better idea of the value I add to your wardrobe during our time together. Throughout the WARDROBE MAKEOVER we workshop your belongings, exploring new combinations, identifying key pieces whilst building a stronger personal image.

I show you how to wear purchases you may not have worn yet as you didn’t know how, breath new life in to old pieces with simple style tips or through pairing them with something you would never have thought of. As a WARDROBE PLANNER I help you to re-think and re-evaluate certain belongings.

You will be amazed at how many more potential outfits you already have in your wardrobe, you just need a professional stylist to show you how!


Styling Services

This video was shot after a successful 3 hour wardrobe styling service with a client in which we created over 90 new combinations!!!!! I say ‘WE created’ as by the end of most sessions, my clients have understood how to construct an impactful outfit and are doing it themselves, and this is a huge part of my ethos, to teach you HOW to dress better rather than me just telling you what to wear. Learn more about my MAKEOVER PROCESS here.

These 90 new outfits are in addition to the combinations my client already wore, so in reality she would have nearer 1.5 years worth of fantastic ensembles!! Whilst I can’t guarantee the same amount for all my clients as it obviously depends upon the size and contents of your wardrobe.

I have had a few clients that have actually not wanted me to stop so they have gone to collect their child from nursery/school and left me in their house to continue building them new combinations so they never have to think about what they wear ever again! It’s testament to not only the value I bring to their every day life, but also to the fact that my community feels relaxed and trusts me 100% which for me, is the best feeling ever.

The Wardrobe Makeover Follow Up

I do talk a lot during our time together as I have so much knowledge to impart but don’t worry, I write up all our findings in bespoke summaries I send to you including visuals to make it really easy for you to understand the design principles that will have you looking better in no time.

We do also make quite a mess during the WARDROBE MAKEOVER but I can also help put your belongings back in your closet and draws in a re-organised way, depending on your needs and the space available.

Fashion Expert

I am your fashion advisor across all areas, whether it’s fabric knowledge, how to fold garments or how to hem a jean so the wash effect is still visible, i’m am here to help you.

You’re needs might be more confident related and need advice with what clothing style is appropriate or help to dress a challenging part of your body. Whatever it is, i’m your style expert and I adjust my services to suit your needs.