Mummy Makeover Sydney

This is when you’ve lost your style mojo and need practical fashion advice to get you back on track.

A “mummy makeover” works across many of my services and can be the main, or part, of our focus.

mummy makeover
Nesli needed a stylish outfit to wear day AND night that she could also breastfeed in

What Is A Mummy Makeover?

As a mum, it’s easy to forget ourselves, instead putting everyone else first. We need to rebuild our new identity relevant for our new role, effectively we need ‘re-branding’.

Becoming a parent can also mean we have a limited budget and time but we still want to look well-put-together, like we’re in control or our new life…. when sometimes the opposite is true!

fashion style

I firmly believe you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, and I can show you what that looks like

As a PERSONAL STYLIST, I find that many mum’s clothe themselves because of what they need to do, rather than representing who they are, so the duties of the day take precedent.

” Kim did SUCH a fantastic job helping me sort through and make sense of my post-baby, back to work wardrobe. Thoroughly recommend StyleSense – thanks Kim! “ – Leila Turner

1/. Mummy Makeover : Working Mum

If you’ll be a working mum, my mummy makeover service gives you practical style advice to get you out the door quickly, as well as plan your daily outfits including weekend wear, so all you have to do is concentrate on your little one/s!

I can re-style your casual clothing in to office appropriate looks to elevate your PERSONAL BRAND and create more outfit options from what you already own!

2/. Mummy Makeover : Stay-at-Home Mum

If you’ll be a stay-at-home mum, my personal styling services will elevate your mom uniform from ‘mumsy’ to stylish, all within your budget. I can get you out of your active-wear and in to those clothes you’ve spent so much time and money getting in to your wardrobe!

I offer creative fashion tips to help re-purpose your career wardrobe to be more playground appropriate and dress for your new, more casual lifestyle.

3/. Mummy Makeover : A Bit Of Both!

You need versatile fashion styles to be able to outfit for work AND play so I show you what you need in your wardrobe, in what fabrics and what colours, including the vital component – comfortable yet stylish footwear!

Whatever your situation, I teach you effortless, practical fashion tips and offer product knowledge about appropriate fashion brands, click here to book in your transformation today!

Wardrobe Makeover : Restyling Office Wear For Stay-At-Home Mums

wardrobe planner

We can transform pieces in your wardrobe you used to wear to work but feel no longer serve you as a stay-at-home mum, such as this classic button through white shirt.

Restyle it to look more casual lifestyle whilst looking contemporary and put-together.

Fashion Tips – 3 ways to wear a classic white shirt

1. Coffee date / shopping / appointments

2. Grocery shopping / park / chores / school pick-up (& because you’re layering a top over the shirt there’s not need to iron it!)

3. Girls night / date night (& only the sleeves & collar need ironing!)

Check out my successful mummy makeovers, what they look like and what they’re saying

For Mum’s Who need More Hours In The Day

Because we’ve planned your outfits, my mummy makeover gives you:

  • more hours in the day
  • more headspace to focus on other things
  • less decision making
  • no more frustration
  • confidence you have exactly what you need in your wardrobe
  • the ability to accessorize instantly!

” Finding Kim at Style Sense was a god send! I felt that I was able to face any event thrown my way and I always get LOTS of compliments on my outfits. Something that would have taken me hours of deciding , now takes seconds!! ” – Lindy Davie

Mummy Makeover Outfit Formula

Statement tee + midi skirt + jacket + flat shoe

= flattering, stylish, comfortable & practical outfits!

how to dress

Adopting an easy outfit formula such as the above, means you can look STYLISH & FEEL GREAT whilst still being able to run around after your kid/s! If you get hot, tie your lightweight jacket around your waist or throw in the pram!

personal stylist sydney
Testing My “Outfit Formula”

By keeping your look edgy, you don’t appear ‘overdressed’ which is the concern of many of my female clients with kids, they don’t want to look like they have tried too hard, which is a feeling reflected through all of my clients actually!

Testing My Outfit Formula

This is a personal styling client adopting HER VERSION of the ‘midi skirt + t-shirt + jacket + sneaker outfit formula!

Why Mums (or soon-to-be-mums) Benefit From A Colour Consultant

As an IMAGE CONSULTANT, I know that wearing colours that flatter YOUR particular features can have a profoundly positive effect on your self image for a few reasons:

  • The correct shades freshen our complexion like we’ve had a good nights sleep when in fact, we haven’t!
  • The right type of hues reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Studies have shown that wearing certain hues directly effect our mood such as sunny yellow and tranquil blue
  • Understanding your most flattering hair shade is crucial as you wear your hair 24-7!
  • Teaching you what hues to wear on your face as a beauty makeover can knock years off you!
  • Outfitting becomes effortless once you start buying in to your colour palette as all clothes mix & match easily

Read more about a COLOUR CONSULT here or click here to read my blog for Mama Tribe about THE 4 MOST FLATTERING COLOURS IN THE WORLD!

” Returning to work after my first child, I needed a wardrobe revamp, on trend guidance on flattering clothes shape and colour. With a child in tow, I also had limited time to shop. The colour session was enlightening and the shopping session was a breeze with Kim to guide me and pick out clothes I would never have considered myself! I’ve been wearing all my old and new outfits that she helped me pull together. Until then, I had NEVER received compliments about my dress or style – this last year has been a huge boost to me personally! “
– Sam Barron

Does this sound like you? Then book in today!

mummy makeover sydney

Personal Shopper : Pregnancy Wardrobe…And Beyond

I can help improve your fashion style from the very fist stages of pregnancy. Each trimester brings a new challenge to an ever evolving baby bump and making sure you have the right pieces to see you through is key to making carrying a child, that bit easier.


Dressing Your New Body Type

Post-partum we can have a different body shape and it’s vital to understand our new body type to make dressing it, easier. We may be lucky enough to revert back to the same weight on the scales, but generally the shape of your body changes and we may carry weight in areas that we’re not used to.

Read more about identifying your BODY TYPES here.

” I have 3 children under 3.5yrs and am working full time. Like most women my shape has changes since having my family and I have lost track of how to dress to suit my shape and be stylish but comfortable in casual clothes. Kim came over and totally transformed me. I actually can’t quite believe what just happened to my boring old clothes!?!? What a fantastic service!!! ”
– Carol Glynn

If you’re breast feeding then you need to read my blog:


Addressing & Dressing Your New Role

Identifying your lifestyle is they factor when choosing clothes. I know myself that I lust after certain pieces but I know in reality, the frequency of when I’ll wear them is very low (read : never). However a big part of my personal styling service is to show you how to get lots more wear from thatis section of your wardrobe we call ‘best’.

Below shows a few instagram examples of how I style my more ‘glitzy’ clothes for daytime, click my facebook page for others.

Fashion Blogger

I also wrote a second helpful little blog for Mama Tribe outlining 5 practical strategies on how to wear your ‘nicer’ clothes more often, click here to read!