Colour Consultant

Colour is EVERYTHING!!!

If you want to make the smallest change with the biggest impact (& look younger) then this makeover service is for you!


What Is A Colour Consultant?

UNDERTONE : As your personal colour consultant, it’s not about telling you that pink or green ‘is your colour’ but more about teaching you the TYPE of pinks and greens that flatter your undertone, whether you’re cool, warm or undertone neutral

COLOUR LEVEL : This is assessing the contrast between your features and providing the right level of colour for your strong or soft look


See some colour before & after examples, including how a tweak in hair colour has an incredible impact on your face!!


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” Now I understand why some things looked terrible on me!?! This handy little colour wallet is coming with me EVERYWHERE from now on. Thank you Kim, that was fascinating!! ”
– Elise Granger



Benefits Of Understanding Your Best Colours

Once you learn where you sit on the colour wheel and see the difference, dressing becomes easy and enjoyable because:

  • Fine lines are reduced, skin glows looking younger and fresher
  • Enhancing your hair tone to flatter your features
  • The more you shop in to your colours, the more your wardrobe will mix & match = even more new outfits!
  • Takes the stress out of co-ordinating your clothes & accessories because all hues share a common denominator
  • Removes indecision when shopping, read about the benefits of a PERSONAL SHOPPER
  • Allows you to push your style but in a ‘safe way’ knowing the shades suit you
  • Combining new unexpected shades becomes easy and can make you look slimmer
  • It empowers you to make better choices when buying investment pieces
  • Creates style impact
  • Generates your personal brand
  • Your bespoke colour wallet will last you for life
  • These are the only colours you will ever need to wear as they’re relevant to sunglasses, make-up etc!!


These findings will help you understand yourself in a way you never have before and builds the foundations for all other services

Looking for some inspiration on how to combine colour then click here.



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” Kim is amazing, I never thought about ‘my colours’, what works best for me, now I feel much more confident shopping for what really suits me ” – Jason Grinnell


How Is My Colour Consult Different?

Unlike other colourists that will give you just 1 fixed, generic season’s palette, regardless of whether all of those shades really suit YOU, I create a bespoke colour palette tailored exclusively to you, as most people nowadays are a combination of more than one season.


My Modern Approach To Colour

I still use the professional colour drapes as used industry wide, but these were created decades ago and nowadays our colourings have become much more intricate the more global we become, so I take a more modern approach in creating colour palettes that help dress real people for real life pulling on my 15 years working as a global fashion designer.

There’s also trends in colour that evolve so I include modern, commercial shades you can actually shop in to!

You’ll have an in-depth understanding of the theory behind what suits you PLUS how to interpret your swatches in to clothes which was a key area lots of clients who’d already had a colour analysis done, was missing!

I create a simple and discrete system where your perfect colour swatches sit at the front of your wallet with your 2nd best shades in smaller swatches at the back. Easy!


What If I Don’t Like My Colours?

  • Because I hand make your wallet bespoke, I can remove any shades you dislike
  • It also means we keep work-shopping until you have a colour pallet that suits your lifestyle and needs
  • I share strategies about how to wear shades you’re less confident with
  • I show you how to wear unflattering shades in a more flattering way


Have more questions? Then read my ‘What I Don’t Do’ page so you feel completely comfortable


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For most clients, colour confidence is a journey


The Psychology Of Colour

The psychology of colour is a huge area of discussion and studies have shown that wearing certain hues directly effect our mood such as sunny yellow and tranquil blue.

How we choose to get dressed every day generally starts with deciding what type of colour we’re in the mood for:

“Do I want to attract attention?” – wearing bold pops of colour, or

“Do I want to be ignored?” – wearing dull grey or black

The shades we wear also have a huge impact on our personal branding and how others judge us.


My Colour Consultant Follow-up

  • Digital reference of your colour palette (fabric swatch wallet is $200 extra, see below)
  • Photographs from the session to show how to pair your most flattering colours effortlessly
  • Photograph of the shades that will ground your wardrobe which is vital when shopping efficiently
  • 1 x in-depth personalised colour summary
  • 1 x Pinterest board to illustrate the above
  • 2 x visuals to show how to pair shades to create either an impactful or effortless look
  • 2 x Top Fashion Tips to help you 1/. shop smarter & 2/. care for your clothes, that every person should know



  • $290 + 10% GST for a 1.5 hour session
  • Optional +$200 + 10% GST for your hand made bespoke colour wallet including fabric swatches & quick reference notes
  • $10 cost of posting your bespoke colour swatch wallet (if we aren’t doing the Personal Shopping together)
  • Travel charges outside central Sydney:
  • 0km-9km=$20 / 10-19km=$30 / 20-29km=$35 / 30-39km=$40 / 40km+ =$45+ tbc
  • Cancellation fees may apply read T&C’s here
  • Payment in installments possible


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If you feel like you need more insight than just colour, then read about my 2hr EXPRESS MAKEOVER SERVICE


~ Photos shot at Infinity Bakery Paddington ~