Colour Consultant : In-person Individual or Group


If you want to make the smallest change with the biggest impact (AND look younger AND save money & stress) then a Colour Consultant makeover is for you!

Here’s me explaining Colour Matching to Karl Stefanovic & Sarah Abo on the Today Show…



What Is A Colour Consultant?

I use the 4×4 Seasonal Colour Wheel but I modernise it by fusing that 1980’s science with my 20+ years real life fashion industry experience, delivering a bespoke, flattering palette you can actually shop in to.

It’s a system I’ve been studying for a decade alongside almost 900 client photos to use as reference points which allows me to create your Colour Capsule© Wardrobe


The Colour Capsule wardrobe


How Does Colour Matching Work?

UNDERTONE : As your personal colour consultant, it’s not about telling you that pink or green ‘is your colour’ but more about teaching you the TYPE of pinks and greens that flatter your undertone, whether you’re cool, warm or undertone neutral

COLOUR LEVEL : This is assessing the contrast between your features and providing the right level of colour for your particular look ie. dramatic, soft, strong etc.

But Your Colour Palette Is Only Half The Story

I pull on my 15 years experience designing collections as a global fashion designer so you come away with an in-depth understanding of what suits you and WHY so you can apply this theory to make-up, sunglasses etc.

PLUS part 2 – how to interpret your swatches in to clothes AND how to put them on your body – the key area lots of colour consultants omit because they may not need to be accountable for taking you shopping

I teach this through my unique ‘CAKE & ICING’ Colour Strategy to create maximum bang for buck!

Without this, you’ll only know half your story…


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How Else Is My Colour Consult Different?

Bespoke Colour Palette

I create a bespoke colour palette tailored exclusively to you as nowadays our colourings have become much more intricate the more global we become, so most clients are a combination of more than one season

Because this system was based on what ‘should’ suit you from an 80’s science point of view, I often ‘edit’ pre-packed colour seasons because not all shades actually flatter YOUR unique features


The Modern 4×4

I still use the professional colour drapes as used industry wide, but these were created decades ago and the way we wear colour has changed, so I update my drapes to reflect this

I also create simple and discrete colour swatch wallets that omits the need for all the complicated key systems I was seeing


What If I Don’t Like My Colours?

Don’t worry, we have strategies for that, but it rarely ever happens as once you SEE and FEEL the difference flattering colour makes to your appearance, you’ll never look back!


Have more questions? Then read my ‘What I Don’t Do’ page so you feel completely comfortable



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” Now I understand why some things looked terrible on me!?! This handy little colour wallet is coming with me EVERYWHERE from now on. Thank you Kim, that was fascinating!! ”
– Elise Granger


See some colour before & after examples, including how a tweak in hair colour has an incredible impact on your face!!




Other Ways to Enjoy Colour Matching


Gather your friends & family to host a StyleSense COLOUR PARTY at your place!

You’ll each get individually analysed with a deep understanding of your seasonal palettes, surrounded by your besties, delivered in a fun and strategy rich way so you can all start shopping smarter, immediately!

It’s fascinating to see what hues flatter you compared to the people around you – and WHY! You might even want to bring a few clothes & accessories to swap with those whom it better suits?


A colour course discovering your perfect palette, read all about it here





Benefits Of Understanding Your Best Colours

Once you learn where you sit on the colour wheel and see the difference, dressing becomes easy and enjoyable because:

  • Fine lines are reduced, skin glows looking younger and fresher
  • Enhancing your hair tone to flatter your features
  • Creates a strategy for putting your palette ON your body
  • The more you shop in to your colours, the more your wardrobe will mix & match = even more new outfits from less clothes!
  • Generates a sustainable COLOUR CAPSULE© WARDROBE
  • Takes the frustration out of co-ordinating your clothes & accessories because all hues share a common denominator
  • Replaces confusion with clarity when shopping, read the benefits of a PERSONAL SHOPPER
  • Helps understand why some colours are ‘one trick ponies’ whilst others are ‘work horses’
  • Pushes your style but in a ‘safe way’ knowing the shades suit you
  • Combining unexpected shades becomes easy & can make you look slimmer
  • It empowers you to make better choices when buying investment pieces
  • Creates style impact & generates your personal brand
  • Saves you money!
  • These are the only colours you will ever need to wear as they’re relevant to sunglasses, make-up etc!!


These findings will help you understand yourself in a way you never have before and builds the foundations for all other services

Looking for some inspiration on how to combine colour then click here.






” Kim is amazing, I never thought about ‘my colours’, what works best for me, now I feel much more confident shopping for what really suits me using my colour wallet” – Jason Grinnell


Read about my workshop with luxury Parisian cosmetic brand Sisley here (scroll down to example no.5)




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The Psychology Of Colour

Studies have shown that wearing certain hues directly effect our mood such as sunny yellow and tranquil blue. Our choice of clothing is generally emotional which starts with deciding what type of colour we’re in the mood for:

“Do I want to attract attention?” – wearing bold pops of colour, or

“Do I want to be ignored?” – wearing dull grey or black

The shades we wear also have a huge impact on our personal branding and how others judge us



My Colour Consultant Follow-up

  • Digital reference of your colour palette (fabric swatch wallet is $250/$260 extra, see below)
  • Photographs from the session to show how to pair your most flattering colours effortlessly
  • Photograph of the shades that will ground your wardrobe which is vital when shopping efficiently
  • 1 x in-depth personalised colour summary
  • 1 x Pinterest board to illustrate the above
  • 2 x visuals to show how to pair shades to create either an impactful or effortless look
  • 2 x Top Fashion Tips to help you 1/. shop smarter & 2/. care for your clothes, that every person should know



  • All prices include 10% GST
  • $350 for a 1.5 hour session
  • Alternatively a 1.5hr Online Colour Analysis @$320, see here for more details
  • Optional +$250 for your hand made bespoke colour wallet including fabric swatches & quick reference notes
  • $10 cost of posting your bespoke colour swatch wallet (if we aren’t doing the Personal Shopping together)
  • Travel charges outside central Sydney, although happy to host clients at the StyleSense studio in Kensington 2033:
  • 0km-9km=$22 / 10-19km=$33 / 20-29km=$38 / 30-39km=$44 / 40km+ =$49+ tbc
  • Cancellation fees may apply read T&C’s here
  • Payment in installments possible


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~ Photos shot at Infinity Bakery Paddington ~