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So, working as a COLOUR CONSULTANT in Sydney has taught me a huge amount and interestingly it’s where the ‘science’ part comes in to my personal styling service.

A few decades ago, the 4 seasons color system was introduced which is the basis for my personal colour analysis but I modernise it by dividing it in to a 12 colour system which better represents today’s diverse skin tones. This means I create totally bespoke colour palettes for each of my clients.

Colour Consultant Secrets

I wrote a little article for Mama Tribe you might be interested in….

Have you heard of them? Mama Tribe are a brilliant organisation with a simple goal – ‘no mum left behind’. It’s an inclusive place to connect with like-minded mums to share their up’s & down’s of motherhood so no mother ever has to feel isolated. Ever.

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Mummy Makeover

Mums, and particularly new mum’s, are exactly the demographic who would benefit from understanding what their most flattering colors are but ironically they’re the group of people that have the least amount of time to undergo a personal colour analysis!

Hence why I offered my fashion advice to show them within a couple of minutes THE most flattering 4 colours they could wear, regardless of where they sit on the colour wheel, to make them feel like they’d had a good nights sleep, despite probably being up all night.

personal colour consultant sydney

Your Personal Shopper

In addition to sharing my colour consultant secrets, I have also put together the above high street edit of these 4 most flattering hues so you can shop with speed whilst achieving a fantastic capsule closet. Purchasing a few pieces from here will give you a mini WARDROBE MAKEOVER !

You’re welcome x


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