Online Personal Stylist

online stylist


A. Online Personal Styling Service :-

Open to new or existing clients worldwide

Using either skype/photos/emails we can discuss any thing YOU need, such as:

  • Creating a knockout outfit/s for an event, interview or holiday
  • Learn how to accessorize an outfit/s
  • Suggestion hair & make-up to compliment
  • Identifying your BODY TYPE and the style of clothes that flatter
  • Identify the types of COLOURS that will suit you – although this would not be a fully bespoke colour analysis
  • Discussing what your individual capsule wardrobe should look like
  • Help with dressing during pregnancy
  • As a WARDROBE PLANNER, I will identifying gaps in your closet
  • Offer style suggests including the brands to shop in
  • Advice on layering and how to combine colours
  • Edit your wardrobe – focusing on a particular area ie. workwear
  • Re-organise your closet suggesting storage solutions
  • Styling tips & industry insight


I can literally sort any PERSONAL STYLING dilemma you have so it’s actually quicker to tell you what I can’t do, which is to outfit your whole wardrobe or conduct a bespoke colour consult, however I can still offer advice about your most flattering seasonal colour palette based on your features, just not a personalized in-depth report like I would for face-to-face clients.


” She was an absolute pleasure to work with! I would recommend her to anyone struggling to figure out what to wear ‘
– Zoe McLaughlin


Virtual Personal Shopper

I also offer my services as a virtual personal shopping buddy who you can send photos to from your fitting room and we can workshop what the right purchases are for you and build outfits accordingly. I would need the time slot booked in with me to ensure you have my full attention during your shop.


online personal stylist


How It Works


I create a style profile for you comprising of answers to a short questionnaire, visuals & some photos of yourself so I can get to know you better and understand your personal style, circumstances, likes & dislikes etc.

We then organise a convenient time to skype where I can help solve your style dilemmas! Initially we chat a little more in-depth about your goals and individual needs so the more you can tell me during your questionnaire the better.

You take photos of any outfits we create to generate your own mini look book!

A quick skype session can also be a great way for us to get to know each other if you are considering booking in a face-to-face workshop.


I already know you so the process is even easier! This virtual stylist service really comes in to it’s own when you send photos of your newest purchases which I re-outfit, including  your older items I have on file from our session.


My Online Stylist Follow-up

Certain summaries you may already have from a previous service but one/some of the below will be sent depending on the focus of our discussion:

  • A visual guide to dressing for your individual body shape
  • Style tips on how dress to flatter your figure
  • A guide on how to wear colour & print – although this would not be a fully bespoke colour analysis
  • Accessories cheat sheet complete with an accessories photo shoot visual
  • Guidance on how to dress during each trimester of your pregnancy
  • List of ‘Top Fashion Tips’ to help you 1. shop smarter & 2. care for your clothes, that every person should know



Australia $50 per hour / $25 per half-hour *

Dubai AED140 per hour / AED70 per half-hour *

UK GBP£30 per hour / GBP£15 per half-hour *

For new clients, a deposit of $25 (half an hour) is required prior to our session to secure the slot, deductible from the final payment

$50 cancellation fee applies

*Any additional PERSONALISED follow-up services you may require such as a bespoke body type guide, or individual shopping suggestions are charged at the same rate


personal stylist


B. Online Outfitting Service :-

Open to existing clients only (ie. on completing the above session first)

3 x brand new outfits emailed to your inbox per month, tailored specifically to your personal style, body type, lifestyle & budget.

This includes clothes & accessories in shades I think will suit you, as well as the brands and price points.

If we have already completed the above Online Styling Service via skype/photos, then these new outfits can compliment your existing closet.


How It Works

As we’ve previously worked together I can compliment and optimise your current wardrobe, offering more diversity, introducing you to new brands or help to transform your summer wardrobe into winter.

You simply tell me what you need me to focus on and before you know it, you’ll have new outfits at your fingertips. You might never have to leave your house again!!



Within Australia: $90 *

Internationally: UK GBP£55 / Dubai AED$250 *

* reduce all prices for online services by 10% for a package of 3 sessions booked at the same time


Read more and see examples of my online service here