You seek help from a hair stylist for your hair, so why not a clothes stylist for your wardrobe?

Some of you plan your meals to make the week run smoother and avoid wasting money, so why not plan your outfits for the same reasons?



How A Professional Helped Me

I can honestly admit that seeking the help of a professional nutritionist has positively changed my world forever!! Her name is Natasha Fayle, she’s the founder of Nutrition For Two and is fantastic.

Embarrassingly, I lacked the skills needed in the kitchen to create healthy meals for my family (as my husband can testify). I had cupboards full of food but I didn’t know how to put them together and frankly even when I did attempt to cook, the result erred somewhere between cat food or total frickin’ disaster.

It overwhelmed me, created self doubt and made me feel pretty crappy if i’m honest. So I sought professional help to fill in the gaps in my skill set.

Now when I look at all the food in my cupboards, I don’t get overwhelmed as I can see the finished product – the meal – and with a few cooking tips I can safely say i’m getting better every month.

And as an image consultant, this is exactly what I do for you, but for your wardrobe!

Wardrobe Makeover

I can give your closet a WARDROBE MAKEOVER where I edit, re-organise and re-outfit all your belongings to create a functional wardrobe that brings you joy!!

The Key is….

I listen and work with you, imparting my expert advice whilst showing you practical style tips relevant to the real world, how much you choose to take on is up to you. I can help identify your clothes style, teach you how to dress for your lifestyle and personal taste, but how we get there is by workshopping with you.

I wouldn’t have had success with my nutritionist if she hadn’t got to know me and the particular way I live my life hence why getting to know you is KEY to our success.

It’s called PERSONAL styling for a reason.