Lucy Miller

"Starting a new and very 'big' job, after working for myself from home, I enlisted Kim's help to not only organise all my weekly outfits, but to give me a stronger image with more impact. She delivered on both parts of the brief, and beyond! I felt edgy, stylish and so much more confident and I was impressed how much of my wardrobe we used. Our second session a year later was even better!!!"

Jo Nichol

“I had the pleasure of 2 sessions with Kim, one at the start of my pregnancy and the second post 3 children. The great thing about Kim is that she has this unique ability to adapt your wardrobe to changing desires and looks. Both sessions were informative about colours and styles that suit me as an individual, I felt like a “new woman” with my own wardrobe! She is able to inject a breath of fresh air to your appearance, I felt more confident in my new outfits and the good news is that it doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy lots of new things (unless you want to). She is passionate about making people feel better about themselves and I can't recommend this service enough, just wish I could do it every 6 months!"

Aline Guedes

Investing some time to understand what flatters YOUR particular features is life changing!

Patricia Muller

Like lots of clients, Patricia knew how to shop, but not how to OUTFIT, so we created almost 80 outfits from what she already owns!

Anna Stuart

After a online styling session for a Melbourne based client, this was her incredible feedback

Sahra Barton

Sahra LOVES high fashion and buys exceptional pieces but needs help outfitting to ensure maximum bang-for-buck! Through this process, we've defined her personal style , increased her confidence and removed stress every morning

Karlien Voges

"Thank you very much for everything - it has helped me in so many ways - and gave me immediate renewed confidence and ideas :) I am extremely glad I did the session with you - the best money spent on myself in a long time!"

Claire Forbes

"The session actually bought me to tears! I asked Kim if anyone had cried during a session before as I felt so overwhelmed that the clothes I had chosen in my wardrobe could suddenly look so new & fantastic in the hands of a professional!"

Kerri Dougan

" Kim is awesome! From designing my colour palette, to reconditioning my wardrobe and coming up with 'looks' I didn't even realise I had in there! Then taking me personal shopping to find the 'missing pieces'. The whole StyleSense experience was fun, informative and exactly what I needed! She really did make 'sense' of my style and I am so grateful. I would recommend Kim at StyleSense to anyone who needs a little help 'putting themselves together' and even to those who think they have it covered! "

Jodie Johnson

" I was at rock bottom in the wardrobe department. 2 kids, full time work & full time life meant that prepping for an overseas work trip were all too much. Kim sailed into my life and completely rescued me. I'm sitting in the international departures ready to take on the world! Kim has transformed the way I look at clothes, fashion & style all inside a fortnight! I can't tell you how many compliments I've already had about how youthful / stylish / fabulous I look. If you're thinking about getting her help - JUST DO IT! "