Kate Burford

" Thanks Kim, I had a WONDERFUL time on Thursday. When I first started looking for a stylist, I was worried about someone just applying their style on me. I chose you from your website because you had lots of photos of yourselves and clients (a lot of sites just had stock photos), you had pricing clearly visible, and you showcased a very fresh, modern way of dressing (some sites were VERY dated!). I really felt like you had considered MY style and lifestyle, and I would absolutely wear ALL the outfits you styled for me. Even the embellished skirt, which I loved but felt a bit outside of my current taste, you styled it in a way that brought it back towards what I LIKE. Thanks again, I keep looking at my photos and getting EXCITED to wear the outfits! "

Sally Dance

"I had no idea what to wear or where to shop. Kim edited my wardrobe to make it work for me and then took me shopping. Within a few hours she had completely kitted me out with a new wardrobe full of my most flattering bright colours I love, that mixed and matched that would take me anywhere, I had no idea it could be that easy! I now know what brands to shop at that fit my petite figure and the accessories store to try. THANK YOU!"

Carol Glynn

"I have 3 children under 3.5 and am working full time. Like most women my shape has changes since having my family and I have lost track of how to dress to suit my shape and be stylish but comfortable in casual clothes. Kim came over and totally transformed me. I actually can't quite believe what just happened to my boring old clothes!?!? What a fantastic service"

Daniel Cunningham

" I'm a bigger guy and tall which has always made it hard to shop unless they were tailor made suits. My mum and wife would try to shop for me but would come back with the same 1 style in all colours just to give me choice. I really wasn't sure if Kim was going to be able to do much better as I had tried for years to find clothes that would fit me that weren't branded sports clothes, but she managed to fully kit me out in a smart casual style that I genuinely like, including shoes which was always the other area I struggled with. Incredible. ”

Jen Randall

"Thank you so much for my follow-up, I really loved our session and I have gotten a lot out of it already! I look forward to getting the colour wallets and going shopping!"

Charlotte Moore

"I've seen Kim a few times, firstly for a wardrobe revamp, then to help me dress to get back to in to the work place and then for an outfit for my 40th birthday. She is so lovely and down to earth and I really trust her judgement. Shopping with Kim is like shopping with my friend - but with much better results!"

Elise Granger

"Now I understand why some things looked terrible on me!!! This handy little colour wallet is coming with me EVERYWHERE from now on. Thank you Kim, that was fascinating!!"

Paul Browning

"I was actually a bit concerned when my wife said she had booked a session with a personal stylist as I thought it would bankrupt me, so I was amazed when the credit card bills have been coming in LOWER! Not what I expected"

Jess Dodds

" Thank you so much for your time, passion and efficiency yesterday, I had a BLAST and feel so excited to have so many new outfit ideas to put into practice. You EMPOWERED me and already gave one a shot today, I FELT GOOD! "

Sarah McAneney

" Thanks heaps for the style tips - very helpful! I am still loving the new wardrobe, I just started back at work and people have commented on the clothes and I feel like I look 'scrubbed up' when I go to work (nice having the casual clothes too!) Still feels like the BEST MONEY I'VE EVER SPENT!