Sally Dance

"I had no idea what to wear or where to shop. Kim edited my wardrobe to make it work for me and then took me shopping. Within a few hours she had completely kitted me out with a new wardrobe full of my most flattering bright colours I love, that mixed and matched that would take me anywhere, I had no idea it could be that easy! I now know what brands to shop at that fit my petite figure and the accessories store to try. THANK YOU!"

Sam Barron

"Returning to work after my first child, I needed a wardrobe revamp, on trend guidance on flattering clothes shape and colour. With a child in tow, I also had limited time to shop for clothes for myself. The colour session was enlightening and the shopping session was a breeze with Kim to guide me and pick out clothes I would never have considered myself! During the last year, I've been wearing all my old and new outfits that she helped me pull together. Until then, I had never received compliments about my dress or style - this last year has been a huge boost to me personally! In March I needed the 'same again’. Shopping session 2 was even more successful as Kim knew me and my existing wardrobe even better. She completely kitted me out for work, weekends & an occasion-outfit within a few easy hours of hitting the shops! I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do without her now she’s left Dubai? Come back Kim! "

Elise Granger

"Now I understand why some things looked terrible on me!!! This handy little colour wallet is coming with me EVERYWHERE from now on. Thank you Kim, that was fascinating!!"

Jen Randall

"Thank you so much for my follow-up, I really loved our session and I have gotten a lot out of it already! I look forward to getting the colour wallets and going shopping!"

Carol Glynn

"I have 3 children under 3.5 and am working full time. Like most women my shape has changes since having my family and I have lost track of how to dress to suit my shape and be stylish but comfortable in casual clothes. Kim came over and totally transformed me. I actually can't quite believe what just happened to my boring old clothes!?!? What a fantastic service"


"Such a great service! Kim helped me to organise my wardrobe and confidently throw out all those clothes I hadn’t worn for years (but had been hoarding!). With Kim’s advice, I’m now also wearing some items which I hadn’t looked at for months – they now feel like brand new pieces! I’m also wearing colours and putting things together I would never have thought of. Would highly recommend her service to anyone, very worthwhile and loads of fun"

Charlotte Nichol

"I work in the fashion industry and adore clothes, but I continually wore the same outfits over and over again. Kim suggested a few new styles which i purchased and it has simply expanded my wardrobe 4-fold! Having fresh eyes and a new point of view has made all the difference."

Bianca Abbott

"Thanks so much for such a fun and productive day yesterday. I had a great time!! I’ve already dropped the blue & silver jacket in to be altered and I could see the transformation immediately it was pinned. Can’t wait to start wearing it - and the rest of my wardrobe you re-introduced me to!"

Melanie Granger

"The express makeover service appealed to me because Kim was able to teach me what flattered my body within a 2 hour session with a fixed price and as I currently have limits on my spending, that was very attractive!! Kim delivered on everything she said she would - plus it was surprisingly fun!"

Gemma Hanrahan

"Thanks Kim – your extraordinary ability to 'teach me my style' and give me the confidence to run with it myself, has positively changed my wardrobe forever."