There’s nothing it can’t do!!!

Personal Shopper Fashion Tips

Here’s my personal shopper fashion tips on the BEST non-iron white shirt that will take you ANYWHERE …and all without an iron!

This could be the very last shirt you ever add to your wardrobes Sydney!

I love that it has inclusive sizing and made available in XXS-XXL, I’m wearing size S.

As a wardrobe planner, I know this shirt is a wardrobe essential you’ll be throwing on with skirts, pants and shorts for years, so give it a try when your next shopping for clothes or buy on-line.

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Personal Stylist Tip – It’s All In The ‘Styling’

personal shopper sydney

Look how different this shirt looks on me with just a little bit of ‘styling’ compared to if you saw it on line like this…looks a little dull on the model doesn’t it? (this is probably the first & last time I can say I look better than a model ;-))

Uniqlo should really have another photo showing how relaxed this shirt can look as this is what ‘styling’ is all about, showing the different ways a garment can look.

The Power Of Styling

As a wardrobe stylist, I know the power of a tweak here and there to improve the look & feel of your clothes, ultimately transforming them in an instant!