Dad Sandals = Wardrobe Makeover


Orthotic-friendly shoes

Chunky sandals

Call them what you will, but when fashion trends AND comfort collide, I’m here for it!

My Personal Shopper Conversations

As a personal shopper, this accessory style is the one I get asked most about.

It’s also the shoe I get more enquiries about when I wear on my instagram than any other and yet it’s not sexy, nor the most flattering on our legs, but I’m realising it’s the footwear you need most in your wardrobes Sydney!

…and there’s a dad sandal for everyones different fashion style!!

How To Accesorise – Sustainable Fashion Style

These chunky sandals dress down your most glamorous of dresses, so you can double their wear as they now work for day!

This drastically reduces your #costperwear AND making that ‘event’ dress a more sustainable fashion choice.


See my Instagram post discussing this ‘glam casual’ fashion trend here

Your Instant Wardrobe Makeover!

The humble dad sandal does what the classic white tennis sneaker has done for us women over the last decade (yes, that’s how long ago Pheobe Philo walked down the catwalk at Celine in white Stan Smiths and revolutonised what women wear on their feet, forever!)

Clients often tell me fashion trends are so fast these days, but I think in many ways, they’ve slowed down and dad sandals show no sign of going anywhere!

Why I Love ‘Em

As a professional fashion shopper, here’s my F&B’s:

  • a flat shoe
  • soft fabric
  • often lightweight & waterproof
  • cushioned platform
  • ankle strap to secure the shoe
  • adjustable straps which always fit!
  • affordable
  • instant wardrobe update
  • pair with a surprisingly large range of clothes – see how to style dad sandals here

Have you seen the new pattern fashion trend for SS23, my Roman Holiday collection that work perfectly with this flatform fashion style?

My Personal Stylist Picks!

So here’s my top 10 dad sandals that you’ll be wearing for seasons to come… and your feet will thank you for it!

Accessories clockwise from top:

Baby Blue @ ROLLIE

White @ AERE

Olive @ MIDAS

Camel @ DAZIE

Metallic @ TWOOBS





Red/Pink @ ALOHAS

Want some help on how to accessorise? Then book in a PERSONAL SHOP or ONLINE SHOP with me today!