Full Makeover

If you’ve lost your style mojo, not sure where to start and need step-by-step help to get back on track then this total style makeover is for you!

I will revolutionize the way you think about dressing yourself, your wardrobe as well as transforming the way you shop for clothes & accessories.


” Kim has TRANSFORMED the way I look at clothes, fashion and style, all inside a fortnight. I can’t tell you how many comments I have already had telling me how youthful/stylish/fabulous I look.


It’s all down to the work Kim has done. If you are thinking about getting her help – JUST DO IT! ” – Jodie Johnson


See a client Full Makeover visual diary here


personal stylist sydney


We start with SESSION 1:

Personal Analysis – Body Shape & Colour Analysis

Which sets the foundations in understanding WHO YOU ARE, what your personal style looks like, what fashion trends suit you as well as where you sit on the colour wheel.

If you really want to move forward with your style, it’s vital you understand this.

Often when we live in our own skin, we just feel like ‘us’, we don’t necessarily understand what differentiates us from others and this is where I can help. By framing what makes you tick and what suits you, we can build on that and plan your wardrobe accordingly.

To read more about the benefits of understanding what SHAPES & COLOURS flatter you, click on the links.


Within the same session, we move straight in to:


Wardrobe Makeover

Together we start to workshop your wardrobe, putting the theory from our analysis into practice using examples from YOUR WARDROBE, on YOUR BODY. Once you start to see how to tweak and change your current clothes to make them flatter you more, you start to understand how easy it is to take your personal style to the next level.

I show you different ways to wear your key pieces you may never have considered and take photos of all new outfit combinations so you’ll never say ‘I have nothing to wear’ again!

We also give your closet a makeover by editing, wardrobe planning and re-organising it to ensure you start to enjoy your wardrobe once again.

Read about the amazing benefits of seeing a WARDROBE PLANNER here or click here for a couple of videos showing how I use creative styling to make your purchases work harder! 


Wardrobe Makeover + Personal Analysis Follow Up

To read more details including the follow-up I create for SESSION 1 (or part 1 of my FULL MAKEOVER) click the link.


” Kim is simply AMAZING! I reached a point in my life where absolutely everything had changed, and my wardrobe was reflective of the old me. Kim really took the time to really listen and understand who I am and how I can express this through colour, texture and style.


She’s warm, engaging, very knowledgeable & great at what she does! I CAN’T RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH. Thanks Kim!” – Skye Phillips


personal stylist sydney


SESSION 2 (usually no more than 2 weeks later) consists of:

Personal Shopper in Sydney

For most clients this is when the total makeover transformation takes place as we experiment with new clothes styles and fashion trends and introduce you to the best version of yourself. For others, this is the icing on the cake where we purchase those few items needed to optimize their wardrobe and complete the outfits they love most.

As an image consultant, I am used to working within a budget so I will give fashion advice on how to make your money go further by spending small where you can to save your money for the investment pieces that matter most.


Personal Shopper Follow Up

To read more details including the follow-up you’ll receive from this final part of my FULL MAKEOVER, or SESSION 2 PERSONAL SHOPPER, click the link


personal stylist sydney


” I could not get over how reasonably priced her styling was – considering the amazing results, the amount of effort she put in and the awesome outcome.


Also she found me clothes within my budget and introduced me to ranges of clothes I didn’t even know existed. I cannot say enough good things about her and have recommended her to EVERYONE ” – Sarah-Luisa McAneney 


Read more about my 4 point MAKEOVER PROCESS here and what makes me a DIFFERENT KIND OF PERSONAL STYLIST


  • A reduced rate is offered when booked together – $510 for 5 hours split however you would like (RRP $580)
  • If you require any further shopping time then I charge $50 per half hour
  • NB: Travel charges outside central Sydney:
  • 10-19km=$30 / 20-29km=$35 / 30-39km=$40 / 40km+ =$45+ tbc
  • $50 cancellation fee applies


You will learn valuable style tips throughout my image consultant service as I focused on teaching you the theory of what suits you and why, rather than just telling you how to dress


Before & After Portfolio

Take a look at my ‘before & after’ photos to help you understand the total makeover transformation.


Contact me today and let’s start your style transformation!


~ Photos shot at Infinity Bakery & Hello1234 Boutique Paddington ~