If you haven’t made your big winter purchase yet – or even if you have – then here’s my personal stylist edit of the best 5 winter coats on the high street right now.

…And the best bit is, they won’t break the bank!


And They’re Not Just A Fashion Trend

As an image consultant, I’ve chosen longer length coats, not just because they’re a fashion trend, but mainly because of the practical warmth and versatility they offer! So if your current coat style is short, I always suggest to my personal styling clients to own a longer coat too.

Whether it’s heavy weight, unlined etc. is up to you, how hot/cold YOU get and YOUR personal style.

Your In-Store Personal Shopper

You won’t find most of these clothes styles online !!

Which is why I’ve photographed myself in them to show you how they fit. I tried a size 8 in all coats except the Topshop which is size 12 – I’d need size 10/8 ideally.

Personal Stylist Coat Edit :

— 1 : Drop Shoulder Duster Coat —

@H&M $90 — sizes 4-22


  • Perfect to layer over oversized/slouchier clothes if that’s your fashion style
  • If you like less structure, choose this coat style
  • Unlined so it’s lighter-weight so can be worn throughout more months
  • You can layer a jacket underneath if cold
  • This oatmeal is versatile and flattering on a lot of different colourings
  • It’s soft look is created by the short haired fabric

– 2 : Bold B&W Check Belted Coat —

@H&M $140 — sizes 4-22


  • Creates a strong look for an impactful personal brand
  • Defines your waist
  • Timeless black & white check pattern
  • Change belt to a structured wide black for a different fashion look
  • It’s lighter ground creates a lighter look
  • Fully lined

— 3: Coloured Check Crombie —

@Topshop $140 — sizes 4-18


  • Classic shape a little straighter in style
  • More masculine style
  • The flashes of red & yellow adds a little fun to your winter wardrobe
  • Unlined but this coat is heavier than the first and more structured

— 4 : Coloured Belted Coat —

@Portmans $140 30% off — sizes 6-16


  • If you fancy a colour, either of these shades are surprisingly versatile!
  • Feminine style
  • Defines your waist
  • Silver metal trim on the belt so consider this if you wear only gold metal
  • Fully lined

— 5 : Double Breasted Houndstooth —

@Portmans $150 on sale — sizes 6-16


  • Classic black & white houndstooth check
  • Feminine fit through the waist when buttoned up
  • Narrow double breasted flatters more than wide set
  • Comes up big so go down 1 size
  • Fully lined

How These Winter Coats Suit Different Female Body Types


>Longer line fashion styles create a long lean look

>Buy the most snug fit you can to create the most lean look, but consider how many layers underneath you like/need to wear

>Check if you can fit a jacket/blazer under for those needing to layer tailoring underneath for the office

>It’s key that the shoulders & armholes fit you well

If You’re A Pear Body Type:

Go for either of the belted styles as they’re adjustable to fit over your fuller hip/thigh

If You’re An Inverted Triangle Body Type:

Generally you would have a narrower hip/thigh so again, aim for either of the belted styles as they’re adjustable to fit YOU

If You’re An Athletic Body Type:

Go for the feminine style of number 4

If You Have Long Arms:

Go for style 5 which has longer sleeves

If You Have A Slim Waist or WANT To Have A Slim Waist:

Choose the belted options and *cinch*

If You’re Pregnant:

Choose the adjustable belted styles or style 1 which is less fitted through the body

If You Have A Fuller Bust OR Flatter Chest:

ALL of them work because of the deep V created by the collar & rever!!

Other Reasons These Coats Are My Top 5 Fashion Styles

  • Despite being longer length and smarter in style, they remain versatile for different lifestyles, pair with casual or smart jeans, dresses, as well as your business attire etc.
  • I’ve picked flattering shapes
  • They’re contemporary classics so as a wardrobe planner, I know I’ll be outfitting them beyond just one season!
  • They suit all ages
  • …and no boring black in sight!
  • Nowadays it doesn’t matter where them hem finishes so even if you’re a little taller or more petite, these will still look good because there’s variable fashion trends finishing at maxi, midi or midaxi length!!

The ‘old’ rules of finishing at the knee or ankle ONLY have LOOOONNNNGGGGGGG gone!!

If you feel like you need help understanding the best fashion styles for your body type then book in a PERSONAL ANALYSIS, or if you would benefit from a PERSONAL SHOPPER session, book in!


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