Your mission, dear reader, should you choose to accept it, is to revamp your old clothes in to new outfits, using method 1, 2 or 3 of my mini-colour-challenges


Without spending any more money, my professional stylist skills can help you create impactful outfit simply using any of these 3 colour pairing formulas!

It’s perfect if your bored of your wardrobe but short on cash (like most of us are coming out of #ISO!)

  1. COLOUR CLASH – dramatic colour blocking
  2. TONAL SHADES – if you like a particular colour, it’s likely that you own a few versions of it so why not try wearing 2 pieces together?
  3. MONOCHROME DRESSING – create an impact by wearing 1 single colour

Capture YOUR Colour – Colour Consultant

If you’re afraid the colour will wear you, and not the other way around, it’s because you might be wearing the wrong shade for your features.

If you want to understand what TYPES of colour suits you best so you can embrace these fashion trends with confidence, then book in for my COLOUR CONSULTANT SERVICE

As a WARDROBE PLANNER and PERSONAL SHOPPER, I encourage you to buy in to those shades that flatter you to build up your wardrobe, particularly when you’re wearing 1 colour head-to-toe!

Wearing a flattering shade is the difference between YOU wearing colour, and the colouring wearing YOU!

Let’s Start Your Wardrobe Makeover!



If you want a colour blocking fashion style that people will remember, try this trend!

This is the most dramatic of looks and suit SPRING & WINTER season clients

Actual Client Outfits:

Over different seasons working with my personal styling clients, I’ve been helping many of them create THEIR version of these looks, so here’s some actual client examples using clothes similar to what you might own to help inspire you:

Colour Clash Makeovers:

This can include an accessory if mixing 2 clothes colours feel too strong?

Who knew you had some much newness from clothes you’ve been looking at for years?



This fashion trend can look pretty and feminine, or as bold as you dare!

You can pair tonal top + jacket/cardigan and pop on with a jean for an easier-to-wear version

This fashion style works well for ALL seasons because there’s a version to suit your colourings!

Tonal Shade Makeovers:

You don’t need to spend money to create new outfits



This is the most flattering because single colour dressing makes us look taller and therefore slimmer. Read more about BODY TYPES here.

This clothes style works perfectly for softer seasons like SUMMER & AUTUMN client

Monochrome Makeovers:

You can match the colour with the top + bottom or match your layers like this lemon cami + blazer. My client loves this yellow shade and had never thought about pairing them to make such a fashion statement!

This client bought this above green outfit during our personal shopper session, has been wearing it for 2 years, get comments on it every time because the shade looks amazing on her WINTER colourings and then separates the pieces and wears with weekly with denim, black and white!


Stylist Challenge

So, pick an approach depending on your colour confidence and give it a try!

What have you got to loose? Nothing.

Just lots of fabulous brand new outfits to gain!

Prefer a professional stylist to come and help you workshop, then book in my WARDROBE MAKEOVER here