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If you bought the Karen Millen black pleather pants I *banged on about* last winter, perhaps this brown version could be your 2021 update?

Personal Shopper Skills

I’ve talked about B R O W N for a few seasons and most brands now offer MANY shades, so you’ve probably seen brown pop-up across the high street!!

As your personal shopper I’ve edited the best and organised in to 3 price points, depending on your budget


I’ll give you a bit of exclusive fashion insight….and some of you might not like what I have to say..

Brown, taupe & camel are actually WAYYYYYYY more flatter on most humans than grey!! Like, way better.

There. I’ve said it.

Ginger & Smart

As a colour expert, I’ve conducted 100’s of colour analysis’s so I’m talking from FIRST HAND experience and I know that lots of clients reading this will have witnessed this too!!

Even if you have cool undertones, so a SUMMER or WINTER, and grey should suit you, taupe generally looks better on 80% of you!!

This shows the taupe range from the coolest on the left to the warmest on the right:

Why Do I Like Brown?

I KNOW brown can be a bit scary or have unpleasant connotations (no more detail needed) but I’m telling you, it’s edgy.

It’s softer and richer than black meaning it’s less stark AND flatters more skin tones!

It also works perfectly in leather or mock leather because it’s less obviously *sexy* than black can appear

Move Over Black, There’s A New Shade In Town

Here’s all the rich shades of *BROWN* to consider buying clothes in:

So, if you haven’t tried this colour yet, how about rocking it in a more sexy way like these pleather or leather pants?

YOUR Pant Personal Shopper

As a personal shopper, I’ve edited the high street and found the best leather-look bargains, through to finest quality leather, from skinny to pleat front tapered, so here’s your comprehensive buying guide, happy shopping!

Leather or Pleather Pro’s & Con’s

Leather :

  • Natural & breathable
  • Shapes to your body
  • Durable & looks better with wear
  • Authentic look

Pleather or PU:

  • Less expensive than leather
  • Vegan options, fully certified
  • Can hold it’s shape better if stretch
  • Wipe clean & stain resistant
  • UV resistant

Cheap Thrill

Wallet Friendly

Savvy Splurge

Best Pant Type For YOUR Body Type

Click to understand the different female body types so you understand the best pant shape to flatter your body shape:

body types
Fashionopolis via Pinterest

ATHLETIC = pleat front + defined waist/belted ie. Portmans, Carolina or Ginger & Smart

HOURGLASS & APPLE = flat fronted fitted pants ie. H&M, Forever New, Bardot, The Iconic

PEAR = parallel leg ie. Aje, Witchery or Ginger & Smart that creates more room over hip/thigh

INVERTED TRIANGLE = parallel or looser leg including pleat front/elasticated waist that creates a fuller leg shape ie. Portmans, Carolina or Ginger & Smart

LONG WAISTED = high waist pant including paper bag waist ie. Carolina style

LONG LEGS = any style works you lucky thing!

Fashion Shopper

There’s currently winter sales on and the sooner you purchase, the sooner you can start enjoying!

Look at the above images for styling ideas or search on pinterest or instagram #brownleatherpants including how to wear during spring & autumn to maximise your purchase and reduce your cost-per-wear!

Contact me if you’d like help shopping for your perfect pair x