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Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings have been a staple of mine for years, and years.. and years, in fact as an IMAGE CONSULTANT I’ve been banging on about them as a key fashion piece for your wardrobe since 2014 as seen in this old blog here!


And they’re not just for mums, although they do elevate the most daggiest of clothes which was what I looked for when I needed a MUMMY MAKEOVER.!!

They are for every women no matter what your size, body type or age – you’ll just style them your way – and there’s SOOOO many ways to wear them for winter, spring AND autumn!

Their season is undefined!

Buy An Instant Wardrobe Makeover

If you could buy 1 inexpensive piece that instantly transforms your wardrobe for 8 months out of the year, wouldn’t you buy a version?

Oh – and they make you feel a bit more ‘cool’ & ‘sexy’ (although simply writing those words makes me feel pretty ‘uncool & ‘unsexy’. Ha)

My Personal Shopper Clients

The principal request of 90% of my PERSONAL SHOPPER clients right now, is this:

” find me a pant that’s NOT a jean and NOT active wear”

And that’s exactly what I’ve done and trust me, I’ve found a goodie, all due to a genius special design feature that as an ex-fashion designer, I know works!!

AND they’re on sale!!

Find out more details about the Karen Millen pleather legging here.

Buying Clothes You’re Actually Going To Wear

So click above for my image consultant inspo, not just on the usefulness of a pleather pant in your wardrobe, but also a long line hoodie that covers our covid kilos yet still looks ‘cool’.

I’ve been wearing my black H&M style for several winters now, not just with faux leather pants but with skirts, dresses and of course.. active wear.

Personal Shopping Via Insta

If you miss out on these brands, then check out my instagram and click on insta stories ‘WINTER 2020’ for other options of the legging sizes 8-30 and the long line hoodie sizes 8-36.

Call me and let’s create an effortless winter wardrobe that’s stylish AND practical.

Happy Shopping!


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