As a fashion stylist, I feel I have to offer my round-up of the AW18 fashion trends, but to be honest, most of my clients don’t care too much about looking so directional or ‘on-trend’.

Therefore as a personal stylist, I thought it was actually more important to create a mood board showing a more realistic approach to looking stylish & contemporary.

What To Wear To Look Contemporary in AW18

aw18 fashion trends

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AW18 Fashion Trend Cheat Sheet

Basically, if you want to look modern then purchase a few autumn winter 2018 pieces similar to the above and you’ve got it! Pick and choose depending on your personal taste, comfort level and budget, then mix with your current wardrobe to update it.

If you want to look more fashionable, then wear the items within the same outfit.

If your aim is to appear more directional, then look up my AW18 trends here.


Contemporary Classics

A lot of the clothes seen above represent slower moving trends = contemporary classics which have become the versatile backbone of many modern wardrobes.

For example, take the pleated midi skirt which was introduced several seasons ago, it still looks great and it’s even showing as a major trend on the autumn winter 2018 catwalks! Same for the leather biker, bomber jackets, statement earrings and my favorite fashion trend that doubles as THE most practical item I own – the sneaker.

None of these pieces are particularly ‘new’ but they’re still showing on international runways.

Now, I know the most directional version of the sneaker is the chunky 90’s style, but even if you wear a slicker more feminine sneaker you’ll still look modern and let’s face it, those chunky trainers should stay in 1990 if you ask me.

Not all trends are nice looking. Some just make us look like a fashion victim.

aw18 fashion trends

Catwalk Trends

The catwalks no longer dictate fashion trends like they used to and certainly not at the speed they used to, hence the repetition of certain styles season-after-season noted above, which cement them as a contemporary classics.

Trends have slowed down which is great for mass consumerism.

With the rise of social media, it’s consumers that largely dictate when fashion styles becomes outdated working from the street-up rather than the catwalk-down.

If a fashion trend is versatile, affordable and practical then chances are it will hang around longer and not become obsolete after one season.

So my point is that you can dip your toe in ‘fashion’ as much as you want to. Simply by avoiding the above contemporary clothes styles doesn’t mean you’re ‘anti-fashion’ which is what some people claim. Certain clients I initially chat to worry that I will dress them in very edgy clothes but that’s untrue and it’s a perception I work hard to change. They say:


But my answer is simple. By dressing yourself every day you automatically take part in fashion, I just want to help you understand what clothes styles will make you look dated, versus modern, versus directional. The choice is yours.

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