Bags – the one item I tend to splurge on is a bag. It used to be shoes but I trashed them too quickly and they would never look as good as when you first wear them…but a bag ohhhHH a good bag looks better with age.

bag makeover

A designer bag can elevate even the most basic of outfits, it makes me feel, well ‘dressed’, a bit like the icing on a cake.

There’s so many handbag styles to choose from and this is one time I don’t mind carrying around a logo so if you have your eye on a branded style, consider your alignment to that designer and whether it fits your fashion style.

My skills as a wardrobe planner mean I spend a lot of time researching the bag, visiting it in store, trying it on making sure it’s practical etc. it also needs to be a bag suitable to wear everyday so my cost-per-wear is relatively low.

Then the personal shopper in me kicks-in and I save-up or stalk it online and buy it when it’s on sale!

As a fashion stylist I might buy a more trend-led bag but my style advice to clients would be that a smart bag purchase shouldn’t date easily but be more of a classic investment that flatters your clothes style for years to come.
Now, because i’ve spent all this time and money on it, I want it to work extra hard for me so I give it a StyleSense makeover!

Your Brand New Bag!

Why not try it and give yourself the gift of a new bag, for free and without any sewing!?!

What If I don’t Have a Bag Strap to Swap?

If you don’t have bag straps to swap over you could:

1. buy them from the high street – see my facebook page later this month for details.


2. you could try this second style makeover which uses a skinny scarf or a soft belt as a bag strap. Un-clip your current strap to transform your bag by tying on a long piece of fabric, stitching once of necessary. Perfect for the small bags that are a huge fashion trend for Autumn/Winter 2018.

Show off your personal style by being playful and give these easy fashion tips a try!



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