Let’s be completely honest, we’ve all put on a little weight during lock down, haven’t we?

Bracing yourself when attempting to pull on those jeans again after weeks of ignoring their existence was *intense*, wasn’t it?


As a Sydney personal stylist, I chat about body types, size and weight a lot (not just during lockdown) and so many of my clients have put on an average of 5kg.

That seems to be THE number!

I’m A Different Kind of Sydney Personal Stylist

body types

But as a personal stylist with a more unique approach to solving fashion problems, I’m sharing some practical style tips to help your clothes become more flexible in size so you wear them more.

I don’t want you to feel like you have to rush out and buy a new wardrobe but instead offer you some sustainable fashion tips to avoid feeling so crappy about yourself.

4 Fashion Tips To Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover

These tips are for those of you who need to make their clothes half-to-one size bigger for any reason, not just #covidkilos but could be part of your MUMMY MAKEOVER service

Practical fashion tips = instant wardrobe makeover!


I’ve had fantastic feedback from my image consultant clients about this handy little style hack that means they enjoy wearing skirts they had previously written off!

Why This Fashion Tip Works:

Skirts generally have a longer shelf life when we put on weight because we wear them higher on our waist as we expand (perfect for my petite clients who might feel the skirt was initially a little long in length).

Therefore, most skirts already have about 1/2 or 1 size flexibility in them naturally – then this fashion tip creates a further 1/2 a size!

It’s also helpful during dinner dates to know you have some flexibility without your skirt falling down! ;-0


I know from 20 years fashion experience that pants are THE hardest thing to make fit well!

This is because unlike skirts that really only need to fit 1 part of our body – at the waistband – pants need to fit our 3D bodies in every way!

Most of us know about the ‘belly band method’ of extending the size of our jeans waistband often used during pregnancy but my method creates a more comfortable and permanent solution that doesn’t show your skin.

Being able to add half a size can be the difference between you wearing them and not and we don’t always consider the power of the inside jigger button.



It might sound counter-intuitive from a fashion stylist, but removing some of that fabric you paid for could be the difference between enjoying it or ditching it.


When you’ve only got room to tuck in 1 layer and you want to keep warm, this is your secret weapon!

Currently reduced to $20, this little clothes style from Glassons will be your best friend, an uber comfortable SEAMLESS V-SCOOP CROP TOP

Why This Clothes Style Is A Problem Solver:

It works because it’s:

  • V or scoop neck
  • Comfortable seamless layer next to your skin
  • Flat necklines that don’t look bulky under a layer
  • Long sleeves keep you warm that you can cut shorter (jersey doesn’t really fray, no-one’s going to see it, so save on paying to alter it
  • Obviously the fact that it’s cropped and doesn’t need tucking in!

It’s available in 7 colours, 5 of which cater to different skin tones. Unsure what your undertone is then contact me for a COLOUR CONSULTANT makeover service:

  1. SAND CASTLE = olive & brown skin
  2. PRINCESS PEACH = golden undertones
  3. BLACK = black & dark brown skin tones
  4. WHITE = pale ivory skin
  5. FAIRY FLOSS = cooler undertones

This is another version I’ve just found that’s only $16 bucks but only offers 1 neckline and 3 colours:

2021 UPDATE:

Here’s another Glassons styles currently in store you can online shop today, or try this one that comes in a few colours.

Learn how to shop smarter and benefit from a PERSONAL SHOPPER experience.

I hope these fashion tips will help makeover your wardrobe – and your headspace. Often just a ‘tweak’ is all we need to feel more comfortable in our clothes.

Enjoy x